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Dr. Eunice Moseley is president of Freelance Associates, a public relations and business management strategy and consulting company, that provides business services and planning since 1993. Freelance Associates in a member of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA).

Eunice is also syndicated entertainment columnist via The Pulse of Entertainment published bi-weekly at and then syndicated resulting in an estimated weekly readership of 1 million. Its website www.ThePulseofEntertainment recieves over 130,000 hits a week, and in syndication has guaranteed placement at (over 185,000 visitors a week)In syndication, past and present, it has been published by The Baltimore Times, KJLH Radio, WDAS FM, Cafe Mocha Radio, Atlanta Daily World, The Washington Informer, Los Angeles Sentinel, The Buffalo Criterion, The North Dallas Gazette, Urban Sentinal, Charleston Chronicle, Houston Style Magazine, New Pittsburgh Courier, Chicago Defender, Dallas Gospel ConnectionMichigan Chronicle, Hot 107.7fm, KHVN Heaven 97fm, Spirit 1340am, and Power 91.9fm. Eunice use to appear weekly as a guest on Praise 98FM's "Lady Charmaine Live" Show for her "The Pulse of Entertainment Update"  airing Fridays at 11amPT at (2007 - 2020).

She also serves as Promotions Director at-large for The Baltimore Times where she worked full time since 1986 for almost 20 years in varies management positions (Business Manager, Sales Maanager, Entertainment Editor, Accounts Manager and Promotions Director) before working at-large.
In 1999 Eunice became founder and coordinator of the "Uplifting Minds II" (ULMII) Entertainment Conference to provide urban communities with a free event for up-coming artists and companies to receive information about the business of entertainment and have a stage for talent to be showcased. There is a "Professional Panel Q and A Session," a "Professional Talent Showcase" and a "National Talent Competition." The competition is for vocalists, songwriters, dancers and actors. As of 2022 ULMII is celebrating 23 years. It was held annually in Baltimore, Houston, Atlanta and Los Angeles, but as of 2003 it has been held anually in Los Angeles and Baltimore only. 

On February 14, 2014 Eunice became an author by publishings (via Freelance Associates) two biographically based book of poems, "Journey to Love: A Book of Poems" Vols 1 & 2 (sold @Amazon and @BarnsandNoble) based on her journey back to love after the death of her late husband.  She is also a featured Public Relations Expert (via her company Freelance Associates) in the book "The Anatomy of the Music Industry" by music industry veteran Dr. Logan Westbrooks (sold @Amazon) released October, 2015.

Moseley holds a Computer Techician Certification from the U.S. Navy; a Bachelors in Telecommunication from Morgan State University; three Masters degrees -  Management/Public Relations (University of Maryland's University College now, Global College), Business Administration (University of Maryland's Global College) and Philosophy (Walden University), and a Doctorate in Management: Leadership & Organizational Change (Walden University). 

"Journey to Love: A Book of Poems (Vol I & II)" (via Freelance Associates, Feb. 14, 2014) details the personal journey of Dr. Eunice Moseley started in 2011. She takes the readers on her inspiring, emotional, unbelievable and sometimes dangerous journey to get back to Love. During the journey she shares poems created along the way to inspire Love while giving her philosophies on life to encourage. Her poems accompanies with colorful pictures and her philsophies are thought provoking providing glimps into the life of her and Love. To order the complete series of "Journey to Love: A Book of Poems" email or  visit @Amazon for discounts.

drloganwestbrooks_bookcover.jpgeunicemoseley_smile.jpgDr. Eunice Moseley appears as a featured public relations expert  in "The Anatomy of the Music Business" by Dr. Logan H. Westbrooks (@Amazon), a veteran executive who serves at Capital records, CBS Records, Columbia Records International. Moseley, through her company Freelance Associates, is a member of the Public Relations Society of American (PRSA).

Moseley: "I think we are at a point now that the power could be taken over by marketing, PR and management companies because artist themselves don't know the business. So if they want to keep the power, they need to learn the business of entertainment. If you don't know the business someone else is gong to run the business for you and they can take the power from you."




Dr. Eunice Moseley appeared as a guest on Praise 98FM's "Lady Charmaine Live" Show at 11amPT for "The Pulse of Entertainment Online Weekly Update" from 2007 - 2020. Praise 98FM is a multi-Stellar Award nominated radio station. Listen to some of the shows below:


The Pulse of Entertainment 10/23/15

The Pulse of Entertainment 10/30/15

freelance_logo.jpgIn 1993 Eunice started Freelance Services (now known as Freelance Associates) where she developed magazines and newspaper, press releases, flyers, brochures, business and sponsorship proposals, and held press conferences. In 2003 Freelance Associatesbecame a consulting firm with offices in Baltimore and in Los Angeles. At Freelance Associates Eunice develops public relations and business management strategies, and advises clients during the implementation of those strategies. Freelance Associates is a member of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America).
upliftingmindslogo_jpg_.jpgIn 1999 she founded the "Uplifting Minds II"(ULMII) free national entertainment conference. It was initially held five times a year in Baltimore, Houston, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. It is currently held once annually in Baltimore (Security Square Mall) and in Los Angeles (Celebrity Centre in Hollywood). The conference offers a free entertainment business seminar panel discussion, and a national talent competition showcase where a panel of industry judges score 10 acts in three areas vocal, songwriting and dance. Winners receive the ULMII Award, and a list of prizes donated by sponsors that vary each year which could include free entertainment consult, free music track, free studio time, free product shelf space at a record store, free public relations strategy, free commercial photo shoot, and much more. Some of the industry judges throughout the years have included Grammy winning Brenda Russell ("Piano in the Dark," "Get Here"); legendary rapper MC Lyte; Mathew Knowles former manager of Destiny's Child; Jazz and Woody of the platinum selling R&B group Dru Hill; entertainment attorney and entertainment business mogul Paul Gardner II, and many more.
Eunice Moseley holds a Bachelors in Telecommunications from Morgan State University, a Masters in Management/Technology - Public Relations and an M.B.A. from University of Maryland's Univetrsity College and a Masters of Philosophy and a Doctorate in Management: Leadership & Organizational Change from Waden University. She is also a certified Computer Technician from the United States Navy. You can contact her at or call 562-424-3836 for more information.


Dr. Eunice Moseley is a vocalist, ballardeer, who has recorded two albums of cover songs via Ivory Penn Productions for family and friends titled "Real Thing." Check out some of the cover  songs at "Real Thing"


"If You Can See It, and Believe It, You Can Achieve It"

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