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vanessabellcalloway3.jpgVanessa Bell Calloway's a quadruple threat with GMC, TV One, Showtime and NBC appearances
By Eunice Moseley

Multi-NAACP Image Award nominee veteran actress Vanessa Bell Calloway is a quadruple threat with starring roles in GMC, TV One, Showtime and NBC projects. The Cleveland native stars in the NBC series "Go On" with Matthew Perry and Tyler James (Thursdays 9:30pm/8:30c); Showtime's "Shameless" (Sundays 9:00pm ET/PT); the TV One presentation of Russ Parr's The Undershepherd with Isaiah Washington, Elise Neal, Keith David and Clifton Powell (premiered March 30, look for re-runs), and the GMC movie presentation of Between Sisters with Terri J. Vaughn (premiered March 23rd, look for re-runs).
"My character (Between Sisters) is a mother of four. Two she had before she was saved, but unfortunately her life didn't accommodate her raising children," Vanessa bell Calloway said about her role in the GMC film. "She has two with her husband and through a series of events one daughter meets another and they guest that they are sisters."
"Love trumps all," she said about the theme of Between Sisters. "It's a big story of forgiveness...we have to forgive and continue to love."
In Showtime's "Shameless" finale, Vanessa says, "It's ...quit a shocker. People will love it."
Bell started in the business as a dancer that was trained by Alvin Ailey. As a dancer she performed in the Broadway musical "Dreamgirls." She went on to acting, appearing in the daytime series "All My Children" in 1982. She starred opposite Eddie Murphy in Coming to America; opposite Angela Bassett in What's Love Got to Do with It; opposite Denzel Washington in Crimson Tide, and with Samuel Jackson in Lakeview Terrace.
You can hear Vanessa on her Internet radio-blog every Sunday at 3:00pm PT/ET.
"I have to stay busy," Bell pointed out as to why she started the online blog. "Yolanda Watts suggested it because I have a lot to offer and it's a great way to develop social media contacts."

Multi-Platinum selling Dawn Richard's debut release is creating her own niche'
dawnrichard.jpg In preparation for my interview with the multi-platinum selling Dawn Richard, most notable as a member of Diddy's Danity Kane and Diddy's Dirt, I was highly impressed with the music videos ("Bombs," "Wild ‘n Faith") for the already released singles from her debut album "Goldenheart," which debut at #1 on iTunes.
The music video themes and use of what nature already has to offer, in a cutting edge way is what impressed me. That cutting edge way included her and her dancers customs, as well as the dance steps delivered in a way that I am certain is going to place her apart from others and create her own niche' in the music industry.
"I am a dancer," Dawn Richard pointed out. "I tried out to sing the National Anthem (for an NBA game)...My girls told me to try out (for Diddy's reality show). I just wanted to sing."
In talking about her cutting edge videos Dawn said, "I love visuals. I grew up watching Michael Jackson and Missy Elliott videos."
Richard also made it to the Guinness Book of Records with the group Dante; they are the first female group to get two #1 hits in a row in 2009. I believe Dawn is looking to be unique in everything she does and she is succeeding.

Baltimore celebrity DJ B-Hen joins 3rd season of VH1's ‘Master of the Mix,' airs on Mondays at 10pm
DJBHen.jpg "(Corporate job) I gave it away. I quit," said celebrity DJ Brian "DJ B-Hen" Henry about his career as a DJ. "It wasn't for filling, it wasn't making me happy."
So the Morehouse College graduate became a disc-jockey for celebrities such as Kelly Rowland and Queen Latifah, and for such high-profile events as New York Fashion Week and the Essence Music Festival. On April 1, 2013 he premiered along with a number of DJs across the country in the third season of a reality show competition of VH1, "Master of the Mix," which airs on Mondays at 10:00pm ET/PT. The winner will receive $250,000 in cash. The competition is in partnership with Smirnoff Vodka
"DJing places you on a platform to do amazing things," DJ B-Hen pointed out. "I had many jobs but none spoke to me. You have to find out who you are and your mission."
Currently residing in the Los Angeles area DJ B-Hen believes it's his choice of music that has made him a celebrity DJ hit in just three short years.
"I love music for the feeling," he said. "Music is a language that speaks to everyone. Music transcends. I carry my personal (selections) from New Jack Swing to Swedish Mafia... it varies across the board. You can't put people in a box."
For "Master of the Mix" DJ B-Hen said he auditioned like everyone else.
"I think what they saw is my showmanship," B-Hen said when asked how he was able to get on such a high-profile reality show to get a chance to win ¼ million dollars. "I'm in it to have a good well as my passion."
"Master of the Mix" is produced by GTM, a 360 marketing and content development agency and Electus, who in partnership with Diageo and VH1 are the show's Executive Producers. Electus international retains all global rights for the format.
Find out more on celebrity DJ B-Hen at

(Columnist: Eunice Moseley is a PR/media & promotions consultant, and as well as a syndicated entertainment columnist for over 20 years -

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