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Actress Denise Boutte' plays it straight on Tyler Perry's ‘Meet the Browns'
Louisiana native actress Denise Boutte' received her first acting role a year after moving to Los Angeles, but what the stunningly beautiful actress didn't know is that her world would go into high-gear after meeting Tyler Perry at an audition for his sit-com "Meet the Browns."

"I only saw Tyler as Madea so I didn't know it was him," Denise laughed when recalling that day she audition for the role of Sasha Brown in the #1 sit-com on TBS. "I told my mother, ‘I did it.' Call it woman's intuition...but I knew."

When Tyler told her she had the role Boutte' said she started crying. "He said, ‘I also want to cast you in Why Did I Get Married,'" she added.

Not only did Boutte' get the role of Sasha, but Tyler Perry also casted her in Why Did I Get Married Too - the sequel as Trina.

"The good thing about Tyler is he combines real life drama with comedy...The beautiful thing is you can relate to the characters," Boutte' said. "You can relate to the storylines."

Denise pointed out that she gets tons of mail from women trying to balance things in their lives and they can sympathize with her character Sasha. Sasha is a compassionate, yet quirky, nurse who is constantly struggling to find that balance between career and family.

"We hit hard topics," Denise points out. "People use this show to talk to their kids."

Boutte' was no stranger to acting at the time she auditioned for Tyler, her credits included "Noah's Arc," "Cuts," "Boston Legal," "Girlfriends," "Days of Our Lives" and "Everybody Hates Chris."

"In the beginning I wanted to focus on comedy," Boutte' stated. "Getting in front of the camera with people doing improve and you're the straight man (is a learning experience). Comedy is harder than drama...because of the timing. It started me looking at shows like...the Golden Girls."

Well Denise must have learned very well because together with the rest of the cast, that includes David Mann as Leroy Brown; Tamela Mann as Cora Simmons; Lamman Rucker as Will; Juanita Jennings as Edna; Logan Browning as Brianna, and Tony Vaughn as Colonel, they have the #1 show on the TBS network. That in-it-self proves she learned the "timing" of comedy very well.

A member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, with a bachelor in Mass Communications, Denise Boutte' is an actress you should watch out for. I personally would like to see her in an "Angelina Jolie" role kicking butt!

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