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charlie_wilson2.jpgSix-time Grammy winning Charlie Wilson offers love in abundance on new album, ‘Love, Charlie'

   "I approached the recorded with a lot of celebrate women and what this means to the male population," said six-time Grammy Award winning Charlie Wilson about his newest album release, "Love, Charlie," on RCA Records. Managed by P Music Group, Charlie has been single handedly - almost - proving that age "ain't nothing but a number" in his performances that provide vocals to match that of those artists that are much younger. "I was on the road...I just told my manager I just want to cut this record. I started turning people down for shows."
   "I promised all my (song) writers it would be a single," Charlie laughs a little at the thought of giving the songwriters that extra push to make the songs great, and it worked.
   Wilson, who is winning the battle on prostate cancer and has raised 380 million for its research, began his career as the lead vocalist of the legendary Gap Band. Aside from six Grammys Charlie has also garnered BMI and Soul Train Awards.
   "I believe in something greater than myself and I want to put it first, put God first," Charlie pointed out when I mentioned one of my favorite songs on the "Love, Charlie" album include the first track "If I Believe." That number made me cry through the whole song to the last note. "I put it first because the whole world is in need of love...a pick me up. People need faith and hope."
   Well, if you ever need your spirits ‘picked up" just play Charlie Wilsons' latest project "Love, Charlie" and you will be just fine. Other cuts off the album that are my favorites include "I Still Have You," "Say" because it's beautiful in its entity, "Turn off the Lights," and "My Baby" because, though a love song, it's a hot dancer number.
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Keith Washington is Marvin Gaye in the stage-play ‘My Brother Marvin,' arrives in Baltimore/DC area this weekend
Keith_Washington_Head_Shot.jpg   Inspired by and told from the vantage point of Marvin Gaye's sister Zeola Gaye, Angela Barrow Dunlap theatrical drama ‘My Brother Marvin" stars Emmy winning Lynn Whitfield (Josephine Baker Story) who plays Marvin's mother Alberta; Clifton Powell as Marvin Gaye, Sr.; Tony Grant as a young Marvin Gaye, and Keith Washington as an older Marvin Gaye.
   "I watched his videos and his sister has a book about Marvin," Keith Washington said about preparing for his role as Marvin Gaye in the stage-play that began touring in mid-February and arrives in the Baltimore/Washington, DC area this week (Baltimore Lyric Feb. 28, 2013 - March 3rd and DC's Warner Theater March 5th - 10th). "As a method actor you do your research...on his mannerisms and the way he spoke. His body language when he singing, his soft spoken words and the way he delivers to someone. He was the prince of Motown! Friends and Martha Reeves say I remind them of him. I'm somewhat of a soft spoken person."
   "My Brother Marvin" is a gripping dramatic account of the life of the man who transformed and revolutionized Soul music. It outlines the story and life that ended in tragedy. It focuses on Marvin's relationship with his mother, father and siblings. It will include elements of the private memoirs of their mother and letters of their father.
Angela Barrow-Dunlap is one of the most acclaimed theatrical writers, director and producers of urban stage-plays.
   "We're on tour for 4 or 5 months. I also have a single out, ‘Thinking Bout You,' on iTunes," Washington added. "I love Marvin so much; people told me I should do it. Marvin suffered from voices in his head...loving his mom to the core and dealing with his father."
  "My Brother Marvin" takes the cast to Cleveland and St. Louis in March and in April Columbia, SC, Atlanta, New York, Rockford, IL, Chicago, Louisville, KY and Newark, NJ. For more information on the "My Brother Marvin" tour log onto  

Jazz/Soul vocalist Gregory Porter receives another Grammy nomination for ‘Real Good Hands'
gregoryporter.jpg   "The theater was the first place where I could make money," said multi-Grammy Award nominee Gregory Porter about his career as a Jazz/Soul vocalist. "Wherever I perform it makes money. I would say at age 24 is when I started to get out there, right after college. I have made significant gains in the last 8 years when I decided to focus on music (full time).
   I had the pleasure some months ago to see him perform at The Mint in Los Angeles and the lines to see him started forming hours before he even arrived. The crowd stood by the stage almost star-struck waiting another hour for him and when he hit the stage they transformed into a hungry Gregory Porter-crowd. They knew every word to every one of his songs and his musicians were the finniest I've ever heard.
   He is much deserving of the most recent Grammy Award nomination for his album "Good Hands" single "Real Good Hands" in the Best Traditional R&B Performances category and his single "Be Good" was's 2012 Best Jazz Album.
   "I'm writing for my next project," Gregory informed me about what he is doing now. "For me that's experiencing life and experiencing people, both the bitter and the sweet. I take all of it in."
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