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The Pulse of Entertainment: Gala Music Revolutionizing Music and Film Distribution; Nigerian Afro-Beat's Waje, Releases EP on Gala Music 

by Dr. Eunice Moseley


"I wanted a new audience," said Afro-Beat artist Waje (Pronounced Y J) about deciding to use Gala Music to distribute her music. "I feel they understand what I'm doing and feeling."

Gala Music is a groundbreaking platform that integrates gaming and music, offering users a unique and immersive (three-dimensional) entertainment experience. Headed by Leila Steinberg, Gala Music through innovative technologies and partnerships with top artists such as Snoop Dogg (Death Row Records). Gala Music is redefining the way people engage with music and gaming.

Nigerian native Waje, born Aituaje Iruobe, is now a partner with Gala Music as well. Gala Music distributed her music video for the single "I Promise." On May 22, 2024 Gala Music released her EP "Same Human, Different Beast" exclusively until June 5, 2024. Waje has made a name for herself in Nigeria, performing on "The Voice Nigeria." She has shared the stage in South Africa with Wyclef Jean and Keri Hilton in Calabar.

"I have released five albums," Waje informed me when I asked. "I signed with a label at the age of 18 as an...  <Read the full June 12, 2024 column here...> 


The Pulse of Entertainment: Jazz Saxman John Klemmer Returns with ‘Chateau Love'; The John Klemmer ‘Chateau Love' Project Features Harvey Mason, Sr., and` Lenny Castro

by Dr. Eunice Moseley


 "I decided to make it a place to go," said saxophonist John Klemmer about the title of his newest album "Chateau Love" (Touch Records USA/BFD/Orchard). "Came in my head...out of nowhere."

John enlisted the help of Abe Laboriel, Sr. on bass, Harvey Mason, Sr. on drums, and Lenny Castro on percussion and recorded "Chateau Love" live. With them were the talents of John Tropea on guitar (acoustic and electric) and Ronnie Foster on keys (piano and keyboard).

"They are old friends that I've been knowing for a while....recording with me in the past, Each have a sterling reputation. I've done lot of records with Harvey, he's a great drummer," said Klemmer when I asked about the featured artists on the album. "Met Ronnie opening for George Benson. He was playing in... <Read the full June 7, 2024 column here...>

                                                EuniceMoseley on Twitter

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Multi-Don Cheadle Naarates the Jesse Owens Documentary on the History Channel Airing June 19, 2024

(Los Angeles, CA) - Premiering on Wednesday June 19, 2024 at 8pmET/PT on the History Channel is the Jesse Owens documentary, Triumph: Jesse Owens and the Berlin Olympics, narrated by Don Cheadle as Owens. The documentary will show the historic triump over Nazi Germany during the 1936 Berlin Olympics where he took the world stage and launched into international fame. After winning four gold medals in the 100-meter dash, long jump, 200-meter dash and 4x100-meterdash, Owens made Olympic history and became one of the greatest and most impactful athletes of all time.


'W.A.W.G. (We All We Got)' the New Album from Tha Dogg Pound is Available on Gala Music

(New York, NY) - Gala Music is excited to announce that the new album "W.A.W.G. (We All We Got)," from the legendary Hip-Hop group, Tha Dogg Pound (Daz Dillinger and Kurupt), is available on their Web3 entertainment platform.

Through a partnership between Gala Music and Death Row Records, the "W.A.W.G. (We All We Got" project) is the duo's first album available on Web3. They released two new singles, "Finesse" and "Baggin U Up," exclusively on Gala, which sold out the same day.

The album marks the Dogg Pound's first album with Snoop Dogg since 2005 and it is their first with Death Row since 1995's "Dogg Food," their Billboard #1, multi-platinum selling debut.

W.A.W.G. (We All We Got) offers fourteen tracks featuring all-star guest appearances from Blxst, Butch Cassidy, DaBaby, Jane Handcock, Lady of Rage, October London, RBX, Snoop, Soul Cat, Stresmatic and Tha Eastsidaz. The album boasts production from hit-makers, DJ Premier, Jelly Roll, Mike & Keys, Rick Rock and Soopafly.


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The Pulse of Entertainment
Broadcasting Vol2


(Atlanta, GA) - Kids Video Connection, Inc. will present the 17th annual Atlanta Children's Film Festival (ACFF) from June 7 - 23, 2024. The ACFF features two and a half weeks of eye-opening and exciting activities, including film screenings and workshops for children, teens, and industry professionals. Showcasing films produced by youth and adult independent filmmakers from around the world, the festival promotes positive, educational, and entertaining children and family-oriented independent programs.

As the film industry continues to grow in Georgia, educational opportunities like this festival are key to training the next generation of filmmakers.

"The ACFF programming aims to expand children's imaginations, teach media literacy, guide youth in creating their own positive media content, and introduce youth to careers in film & media," says Alesia Johnson, ACFF director. "I'm excited that our simple idea to show positive films that would encourage and inspire youth has grown over the years." She added, "I'm excited to see ACFF expanding opportunities for a diversity of children and youth to learn to tell their own unique stories in our workshops and Intro to Filmmaking Camp. And it's great to see young people begin to consider pursuing careers in the film, TV and digital entertainment industries."


• This year, we're thrilled to announce the return of in-person workshops and our Intro to Filmmaking Camp. Departing from the hybrid format of previous years due to Covid, this year's camp will be conducted in partnership with JOY TV, a new local TV station. Students will have the opportunity to attend classes in-studio and collaborate with professional film crews on their projects.

• June 21 - We're excited to partner with the DeKalb County Public Library for a Media Fair at the Decatur Conference Center. Industry professionals will share insights into their careers in film and TV. This event consists of fun activities, games, and special film screenings; Free for all youth ages 5-17. We invite summer camps to come out. The library staff will have a booth on site, and students can also explore books on various careers in the film and TV industries.

• June 22 - Also, we will have our popular Family Day at Emory University. We will have workshops and a special screening of award-winning films, and youth can meet some of the filmmakers.

We have an exciting lineup of creative and entertaining films produced by both youth and adult filmmakers; see link to promo:


With approximately 100 submissions, we've curated a diverse selection of 50 films for this year's festival. Here are a few highlights:
• "The Queen's Flower": A captivating short animated film for kids that follows Emma, a native Hawaiian girl in 1915 Honolulu, as she crafts a special gift for Queen Lili'uokalani, the last monarch of Hawaii. Prepare to be enchanted by its magical and colorful animation.
• "The Sound Collector": This adventurous stop-motion animated film tells the story of a young man who discovers the transformative power of music and sound in the wilderness. Our festival committee and student judges were enamored by this film, with one young judge, 10-year-old Nathan Jackson, expressing a desire for a series continuation. Nathan, aspiring to be a producer and animator, was inspired by this film.
• "Appa Tales: Stories from My Grandfather": Written and produced by a teenager, Noah Shin, this film features interviews with Noah's grandfather, interspersed with creative animation, offering glimpses into his grandfather's life before, during and after the Korean War.
• "Goin' Fishin'": A funny short silent film by Atlanta filmmaker Phillip Mosness, "Goin' Fishin'" follows the comedic journey of a woman on a fishing expedition in search of her next meal.

There are several free events for youth. Prices for the workshops and in-person screenings start at $5.

Kids Video Connection is an educational media arts organization that specializes in teaching youth media literacy, communication skills and video production. For more information about the festival and to register, go to

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(Source: Darryl Lassiter PR) 



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