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The Pulse of Entertainment - April 18, 2014

kellygreyson.jpgActress Kelly Greyson’s film projects, To Have and To Hold, Alone Yet Not Alone and Returning to the Hiding Place, two based on true stories

By Eunice Moseley 

“I am so excited to be a part of the film,” said actress and film producer Kelly Greyson about Returning to the Hiding Places, one of three films - two based on true stories – released that she stars in. “I want to be a part of the 1% that lay down their lives, to die for it.”

Greyson is talking about the story Returning to the Hiding Place about a group of teens that risk their lives to free Dutch Jews from Hitler’s’ realm in Holland. The film was screened at the Sundance Film Festival, and won three Triple Crowns at Bel-Air Film Festival. Kelly plays the character Lana, and it also stars David Thomas Jenkins (Hans Poley), Mimi Sagadin (Corrie ten Boom), John Rhys Davies (Eusi), and Craig Robert Young (Piet Hartog).

“So many young people lost their lives in front of the firing squad. The film is so powerful. The director was mentored by him (Hans Poley), knew him personally,” said the former model about the person the film is based on.”

The director of Return to the Hiding Place is Peter Spencer.

In the film To Have and To Hold Kelly plays Lady Jocelyn Stewart. Directed by Ray Bengston, To Have and To Hold will be released later this year.

Greyson also appears in Alone Yet Not Alone about two sisters abducted and force to live with Delaware Native Indians in the 18th Century during the French and Indian war of 1755. It is released to theaters June 13, 2013. Kelly plays the role of Barbra in the film that also stars Jenn Gotzon, Clay Walker, Christopher Judge and Aiden Turner.

“The more truthful the more effective,” Kelly pointed out about why most of her films are based on true stories. She went on to say about Alone Yet Not Alone’s early 2013 limited theater release, “I heard they turned down 650 people who wanted to see it. At the Florida Festival it won three awards.”

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Noel Gourdin releases new project, ‘City Heart, Southern Soul,’ on Shanachie


R&B’s Noel Gourdin released his first project on Shanachie Entertainment titled “City Heart, Southern Soul.” This is his third album release. The soulful singer/songwriter’s music has been heard on the soundtrack of the film The Cookout starring Queen Latifah, and was a featured singer on pianist Brian Culbertson’s ballad “You’re My Music.”

“It has taken about two years to put the album together,” said Noel, the R&B singer with the very skillful soulful vocals. “I had 25 records…the label’s request was to get it down to 10.”

The first single off of the album, “City Heart, Southern Soul,” was “Heaven Knows”. The album’s selection “Foxxxy” reached Top 10 on UK Urban Radio Soul Charts, and the song “Don’t You Wanna” was featured on VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop – Atlanta” reality show.

“It’s been a long journey, but I don’t regret anything,” Gourdin said about the early days of struggles. “I miss the grind, late travels to New York from Boston. It was so pure.”

oel explained in the early days the label he was on, Sony, controlled everything.

“I can express myself freely without people looking over our shoulders,” he said about his new deal with Shanachie. “This album is just me, nothing forced at all. The first and second albums, particularly with Sony, a lot I had to cut that I felt I wanted to do. This album was so much easier and fun. I was able to work with producers and writers that I hand picked…a small group of under rated writers and producers that don’t get the light, but they work with integrity. (Shanachie) They get it…great to work with people who get it. They take it back to the root. It’s great to be ourselves.”

Noel Gourdin’s sound is influence by Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding and Johnny Taylor, but yet its fresh and new. My favorite selections on the album include “Spotlight” a very loving song; “Foxxxy” for its fabulous horn support, and I love what Noel does with his voice; “Patience” has that old-school feel, and I love the horn support on this one too; “Don’t You Wanna,” and “I Want You (Regardless)” for its funky beat, and almost Latin feel.

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