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The Pulse of Entertainment - August 29, 2014

TheWalls.jpgInspirational Gospel's The Walls Group releases debut ‘Fast Forward', executive produced by Kirk Franklin

"Wisdom and things he learned through the years," said Ahjah, one of four siblings that make up the Inspirational Gospel act The Walls Group (RCA Inspirations), about what their learned from seven-time Grammy Award winner Kirk Franklin - executive producer on their debut album "Fast Forward". The "Fast Forward" project is to be released September 2, 2014. "He said success is not always your best."

The Walls Group members include Rhea (18), Darrell (23), Paco (17), and Ahjah (16). The Houston based group brings an Urban Gospel young flavor to the industry. The first single off of the debut "Fast Forward" is titled "Perfect People," the music video to the single - which will have you praise dancing - is out now.

"We hooked up...through his background singers. They're friends of ours and he heard one of our songs (they were listening to)," said group member Darrell about how they came to be working with the 13-time Dove Award winner Kirk Franklin. "He called us and said I want to get to know you guys and meet you. He was really cool."
The Walls Group was already touring the country with their brand of Inspirational Urban flavored Gospel when they were united with the 15-time Stellar Award winning Franklin.

"We never really said we'd do it professionally," said Rhea when asked at what point did they decided to take their talent seriously. "We were always singing in the car and helps that we're siblings. We just go with the flow."

Their debut "Fast Forward" is also written by Kirk which carries lyrics that spread the Gospel of God delivered in an Urban way that has become his signature style.

"We were on tour with Tye Tribbett and label mate Tasha (in July)," said Ahjah. "When we get further along in our career we want to try acting."

"Comedy. We are all funny and retarded people," laughs Darrell. "We were talking about musical Gospel (plays) with music that's not cheesy, real music like in DreamGirls...with the same precession and level of professionalism, only Gospel."

The Walls Group seems to be excited and ready, talent wise and mentally, for the challenges of the music business. With Kirk Franklin backing them only the sky is the limit to where they can go.

The group released an EP of four songs previously that debuted at #1 on iTunes. Those songs will be included on the "Fast Forward" debut album release.
To learn more about this Inspirational Gospel group log onto their website at  

Legendary Freda Payne is back with a new album, ‘Come Back to Me Love'
fredapayne2.jpgLegendary platinum singer Freda Payne, known most for her hit single "Band of Gold," releases a new album titled "Come Back to Me Love" (Artistry Music) that has the big band sound she is known for.

"Things fell into place," Freda Payne said about the new project. "It was God's plan, you can't knock that. The things I go looking for sometimes I don't get. If it's meant for you it's going to happen...don't force it."

Payne's "Come Back to Me Love" music is arranged by Grammy Award winning Bill Cunliffe who helped her select the 14 songs on the album.
"Between me and Bill, the producer, we sat and listened to all the songs and picked what we thought we could do the best on," Freda pointed out.

Also an actress Payne has appeared in The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and "In Living Single" Freda's career started in 1968 when she was asked to relocate back to her hometown in Detroit from New York, where she was living, to work with songwriting/producing team Holland-Dozier-Holland who just left Motown to start their own company Invictus. A year later she had a Top 5 record "Band of Gold."

"I was just looking to boost my career from a Cabaret band singer," Freda Payne said about the decision to go with Holland-Dozier-Holland, who were well known at the time for such hits as the Supreme's "Where Did Our Love Go," the Four Tops "Baby I Need Your Loving," the Supreme's "Baby Love," "Stop In the Name of Love," and "Come See About Me," and Marvin Gaye's "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You)." "Holland, I knew from high school, was in New York visiting a girl in the same building. She called me up and said an old friend wants to talk to you. I had a deal with Impulse Records that just ran out...and just left my manager. He said come with us. So I went back home and the rest is history."

Payne said her hit "Band of Gold" has carried her all these years.

"It has given me people recognition," she said about the hit. "My name is known from this song, especially in Europe, the UK and England. Over there I am more popular."
Freda Payne will be performing from the "Come Back to Me Love" album at the Catalina Jazz Club in Los Angeles September 19 & 20, 2014. Learn more about Freda and her new project by logging onto  

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