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The Pulse of Entertainment - February 14, 2014

Charlie Wilson to receive the Spirit Award, performs Valentine’s weekend February 15, 2014 at Nokia Theatre at LA Live

By Eunice Moseley 


“I am just amazed by the people coming forward to give me honors,” said Charlie Wilson, seven-time Grammy Award and three-time NAACP Image Award nominee, about being presented by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti with the Spirit Award. “When I look back at who I was at 25…everything in God’s own way and time. I am so grateful…it came from God, the Most High.”

The Spirit of Los Angeles Award is given to Charlie because of his phenomenal music career, his spirit, and his ability to overcome his addictions and years of homelessness.

“I am not afraid to give God praise,” Wilson said frankly.

Charlie Wilson, who is still riding high on the success of his latest album release “Love Charlie,” is on tour and it arrives at the Nokia Theater at LA Live Valentine’s weekend on Saturday, February 15th

“We’re just going to have a good time,” he said when asked about his Valentine’s weekend show. “I’m blessed to go back to the stage with songs and a voice. So we’re going to have a lot of fun. We’re going to have a great party…that’s just what I do. I go hard every moment. That’s the only way to perform.”

Known by fellow entertainers as Uncle Charlie, the former lead vocalist of The Gap Band also garnered a 2013 BET Lifetime Achievement Award, a 2013 Trumpet Foundation Award, a 2009 Soul Train Icon Award and a 2005 BMI Icon Award. His “Love Charlie” tour also arrives the next day, Sunday, February 16th at the Paramount Theater in Oakland.

Learn more about Charlie Wilson and his current tour at

MGM/Columbia Pictures’ RoboCop is boss, in theaters now

robocop_michaelkwilliams2.jpgNarrated some-what by Samuel L. Jackson, a newsman following the saga of OmniCorps’ solution to crime in the Detroit area in the year 2028, the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Columbia Pictures presentation of RoboCop is boss. No other action film has successfully used modern day technology to create realistic robotics. With this RoboCops’ slight twist to the original storyline and using technology of today, it makes it even more realistic.

To control the violence OmniCorp, the world’s leader in robot technology, uses an opportunity to make billions by combining their robotics technology with humans when Officer Alex Murphy - played by Joel Kinnaman - is injured by a car-bomb. With the permission of his wife, played by Abbie Cornish, RoboCop becomes the first OmniCorp robotic-human employed by the Detroit police force.

“It was my expertise in robotics,” said Dr. Ayanna Howard (Georgia Institute of Technology) about her involvement with the film. “They had me in as a scientific consultant. I was a consultant after the fact…they had scientific writers. My role was to watch it to see if it was possible, retroactive.”

Dr. Howard, who is currently working on building autonomous land rovers for Mars exploration, is a professor at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineers at Georgia Institute of Technology. She also worked for over 10 years at NASA in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

“I worked for NASA…was designing intelligent robotics for them to work a long period of time,” Howard pointed out about her experiences.  “I work in healthcare robotics for children now. My dream is still to create the bionic woman…that’s why they asked me on the movie.”

Speaking on the reality of RoboCop after seeing the film - successfully merging technology with the human tissue - she said, “There are elements of reality. We could see in our life time where there are affordable components…the blending of robot components to the human.”

In Robocop it’s that blending that brings the drama to the Rated PG – 13 film which arrived in theaters February 12, 2014. OmniCorp wants more robot and Alex Murphy’s wife wants more human.

Jose’ Padilha is director on the Strike Entertainment production. Joshua Zeturmee and Edward Neumeier are the screenwriters, and Marc Abraham and Eric Newman are producers. Also starring in RoboCop is Gary Goldman, Omni Foundation head who scientifically created Robocop; Michael Keaton is the OmniCorp CEO; Michael K. Williams is Alex Murphy’s partner on the police force; Jackie Earle Haley is OmniCorp’s appointed trainer to RoboCop, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste is the Detroit Police Chief.

See the movie trailer at

Maryland native Tiffany Boone lands role on FOX’s hit series ‘The Following,’ airs on Mondays 9/8c

Tiffany_Boone2.jpgMaryland native Tiffany Boone lands a new role on the hit television series on the FOX Network, ‘The Following,’ which airs on Mondays at 9/8c. The dramatic thriller premiered January 26, 2014 and stars Golden Globe/Emmy nominee Kevin Bacon, Natalie Zea, James Purefoy, and Kyle Catlett.

“I play Mandy, a young girl that falls in with a cult,” said Tiffany Boone about her role on the psycho thriller that follows FBI Agent Ryan Hardy (Bacon) as he attempts to recapture serial killer Joe Carroll (Purefoy) who has surrounded himself with a group he has turned into a cult of fanatical killers. “She’s in a dark world and has to grow up fast.”

Boone’s character is catch up in the cult because of her need for a father figure, something she has never had. Tiffany resides in Los Angeles but is current living in New York where the series is being filmed.

“I started at eight,” Boone said about her acting career. “I went to the school of the arts. Headed out to California and attended the Institute of Art. Got a manager, got an agent. I went on lots of auditions…took small parts. I think we all have to pay our dues in the business. With me I just wanted to be on set, get the experience. Be it one word, I was learning. I appreciate the opportunity. With small roles it’s not as much pressure.”

Tiffany’s credits include the 2013 film Beautiful Creatures starring Viola Davis and Emma Thompson, and the comedy/horror film Detention in 2011.

“The Following” is created and executive produced by Kevin Williamson and a Outerbanks Entertainment production. Now in season two the hour long show airs every Monday at 9/8c.

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