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keithsweat_makeitlast_2_cov.jpgKeith Sweat publishes relationship book, tour arrives in Maryland February 22, 2013
   "Me being in a relationship and me writing love songs my entire life," said American Music Award winning Keith Sweat about what he based his information offered in his book "Make It Last Forever: The Dos and Don'ts" (Strebor/Simon and Schuster). "My first album was about a relationship I was in. The album was like therapy. I put everything into that album."
   When I read the book I couldn't put it down because at my age I've experienced it all, which includes a 15 year marriage, and he was so on point in every aspect. "Make It Last Forever..." takes you step by step in a relationship from beginning through all the stages a relationship takes you through. He clears up myths and outlines what a ‘healthy' relationship should be.
   "All of my big hit records came from writing songs with passion," Keith said about writing songs about life experiences. "I like to be in situations that are intense but a good intense."
   Sweat's relationship book is presented by famed romance writer Zane through her Strebor Books International imprint on Simon and Schuster. His book tour launched in Los Angeles and arrives in New York February 20, 2013; Philadelphia February 21st; Baltimore February 22nd at Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime, and Hyattsville and Laurel, Maryland February 23rd at Sam's Club.
   Also a syndicated radio show host of "The Sweat Hotel, Keith points out that communication is key in relationships.
   "I'm not like some people to test the waters to see if someone cares," he points out about those who have a habit of initiating tension in the relationships. "I don't like sidetracks. Don't divert."
   The thing I like about Keith Sweat's "Make It Last Forever: The Dos and Don'ts" is that in each chapter he gives you a summary of what he talked about. For those who haven't experience a successful relationship or are in an unhealthy one, what Keith is saying maybe hard to understand, but his summary makes it quit easy to. Bravo!
   Log onto  for more information on Keith Sweats' book release "Make It Last Forever: The Dos and Don'ts."

Film producer/director Vlad Yudin making big moves in Hollywood
VladYudin.jpg   Russian-born film writer, director and producer Vlad Yudin is building a media conglomerate with The Vladar Company. Vladar is a media and entertainment production company he co-founded along with his production partner Edwin Mejia in 2008.
   "My passion for art and film started a vision. Different projects grew into a business I'm proud of," said Vlad Yudin about his company. "We started working with record labels. They were looking for ways to promote their catalog so we got into the documentary world."
   The documentary venture includes a bodybuilding docudrama Generation Iron. In addition they have a graphic novel, "Head Smash" relweased jointly with Arcana Comics (a company headed by Sean O'Reilly), and a sci-fi horror thriller Catskill Park.
   "It took quite a while, there was lots of content," said Yudin on his body building docudrama. "They trained over the summer and fall and they lived in different places...Body building itself is an art form."
   The Vladar Company recently obtained the rights to the popular C.C. Humphreys historical fiction novel "The French Executioner" and is producing the upcoming feature film Police State. (Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard.)

The 5th Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge and Party offered an exquisite atmosphere
DorisBergman_OscarStyleLoungeParty_2013_NicholasGuess_wife_Anne-MarieJohnson.jpg   Public relations guru Doris Bergman put together another exquisite event with the 5th Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge & Party at Café La Boheme in West Hollywood. The event honored the movie industry's Oscar nominated actors, former winners, nominee, presenters and Hollywood VIPs in an invitation only red carpeted event that catered to their every desire from tuxedos to delectable sweets.
   Outside a parade of actors check in at the red carpet arrivals before going inside to a crowd of vendors offering everything imaginable. Servers walked around all day with delicious drinks and delicatessens.
   While there I spoke with David Steen who appears in the hit Quentin Tarantino film DJango Unchained as Mr. Stonesipher; Dee Wallace, Diedre Hall ("Days of Our Lives"); Kevin Eubanks ("The Tonight Show"); Martin Landau ("Ed Wood"); Meagan Tandy ("Jane by Design"), and Nicholas Guest ("Sons of Anarchy").

Cle Bennett completes theatrical run in London's ‘Kim's Convenience,' played four character roles
clebennett_couch.jpg   Two time Gemini Award winner Cle Bennett recently completed a run in the stage play "Kim's Convenience" at Main Stage Series in London where he played four characters roles.
   "I was sent the script...I read it and fell in love with it," said Cle Bennett on why he would do four roles in one production. "I just loved all four parts. The play was made for one person to place four parts. The writer felt it would be best for one person to play them."
Cle said the cast was mostly Korean and his four characters were black: Rich, Mr. Lee, Like and Alex. The play is set in a Regent Park Convenience store.
   "I like to play roles that are real people," Cle points out. "It makes people want to learn more about that person. Denzel in Malcolm X inspired me to learn more about Malcolm X."
   Cle Bennett recently appeared in Break Out Kings, The Line, Shattered and Flash point.

(Columnist: Eunice Moseley is a PR/media & promotions consultant, and as well as a syndicated entertainment columnist for over 20 years -  

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