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The Pulse of Entertainment - February 22, 2013

snitch_benjaminbratt.jpgThe Rock risks it all for his son in SNITCH, arrives in theaters February 22, 2013

   "The core dilemma at the heart of the film, at what length do you go to save your child," said Benjamin Bratt ("Law & Order") about the theme of the Summit film SNITCH, starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Johnson is also producer on the "based on a true story" Exclusive Media production - which arrives in theaters February 22, 2013. Bratt (pictured) plays Juan Carlos the "end of the drug chain" Mexican Drug Cartel Lord that Rock's character John Matthews has to take down to save his son from a 10 year federal prison sentence.
   Oscar winning Susan Sarandon (Dead Man Walking) plays the U.S. Attorney Joanne Keeghan with the power to make it happen. Also starring in the dramatic action film are Michael Kenneth Williams ("The Wire"), the ruthless drug leader Malik that Matthews befriend first - which led them to Carlos; Barry Pepper (Saving Private Ryan), Jon Bernthal (The Ghost Writer) an employee Matthews compromises for the ‘hook up" with the drug dealer;- Nadine Valazquez (Flight), Rafi Gavron (Breaking and Entering), Melina Kenakaredes ("CSI: NY"), and David Harbour (End of Watch).
   Ric Roman Waugh (Felon) directed the Participant Media presentation in association with Imagination Abu Dhabi and Front Street Productions. Sharing production credits with Dwayne are Nigel Sinclair, Matt Jackson, Jonathan King, Dany Garcia, Alex Brunner and Tobin Armbrust.
   "He elevates the material to make it compelling to a film ‘goer ‘beyond people who simply love action," Benjamin Bratt said about the director Ric Roman Waugh - who cast him in the role of the Mexican drug dealer.
   SNITCH, inspired by the "Frontline" documentary "Snitch," is Rated PG and arrives in theater February 22, 2013.

WEtv's ‘Braxton Family Values' airs its third season March 14, 2013
braxton-family-traci.jpg   Has life become a reality show, there are so many, but the Braxton's reality show must be a good one because WEtv is about to air its third season March 14, 2013 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. "Braxton Family Values" is based on the lives of Toni, Trina Towanda and Traci Braxton. I spoke briefly with Traci about her experiences this far on the show and what resonated was that they want to show their family is no different from our own.
   "I expected the show was to reach out to our fans and show them that this is a normal family...we love as hard as we fight," Traci Braxton said about what she wanted the audience/fans to get from the show.
   The third season WEtv has the girls bringing the "Braxton Family Values" ‘drama' to Italy.
   "I was in a different career before the show. I was on my way to becoming a housewife, but before that I worked at a mental a counselor for 15 years," Traci pointed out. "...And on the side I was singing. In season three...I talk to youth."
   Learn more about the reality series, "Braxton Family Values, by visiting

Actor Sharif Atkins gives the gift of smile in new venture with Operation Smile
sharif-atkins.jpg   "Independently, on my own, I've been giving small amounts over three years," said actor Sharif Atkins about how his venture into becoming the official Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile began. "What I seen on television...pulled me in and I decided to start giving. I am doing what I can..."
   The organization's global efforts are to provide free surgeries for children born with facial deformities. The money raised by the organization, with Atkins help, will provide life-changing surgery for children around the world who are suffering from clefts.
   As the Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile Sharif made a trip to experience this free life-changing operation for himself. He said the operations are no longer than four hours.
   "I came away feeling Operation Smile was an extension of the hand of God," he said sincerely. "I was able to witness three of the four surgeries (during the trip)."
Atkins is currently seen in "White Collar" which airs on USA Network and began its fourth season last month. It airs on Tuesdays at 10/9c. Sharif began his career in Chicago theatre and landed a five year run as Michael Gallant on "ER." He had many appears on projects such as "The Good Wife," "CSI: Miami," "Criminal Minds," "Cold case," "Raising the Bar," and "Num3ers."
   Learn more about Operation Smile at  and about Sharif Atkins in USA's "White Collar" log onto  

(Columnist: Eunice Moseley is a PR/media & promotions consultant, and as well as a syndicated entertainment columnist for over 20 years -

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