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The Pulse of Entertainment - March 22, 2013

brandy4.jpgBrandy and Kyla Pratt are back for a new season of BET's ‘The Game' and ‘Let's Stay Together,' premiering March 26, 2013
By Eunice Moseley

   BET Network has two hits series "Let's Stay Together" and "The Game" which are returning for a new season Tuesday, March 26, 2013 premiering at 10pm and 11pmET/PT.
   Its talented stellar cast is what I feel the attraction is, though the store lines are well written (by and true to life, the talented cast - I'm sure - is what keeps us tuned in. You have the bubbly Wendy Raquel Robinson, the talented Hosea Chanchez and Coby Bell, and multi-platinum selling Brandy leading the way at "The Game." Erica Hubbard and Kyla Pratt is shinning the light on "Let's Stay Together" cast. Then they throw in the guest appearances but John Singleton, Ciara and Rockmond Dunbar ("Sons of Anarchy") on "The Game," and Christine Keyes (Note to Self) and Jackee' Harry ("The First Family") guest starring on "Let's Stay Together."
   "I was really impressed with the show," said multi-platinum selling Brandy about her role on "The Game." "They offered me the role of Chardonnay. It was more about the character...I love Chardonnay...little do people know, that's who I am. This is a coming out role."
   This new season "The Game" is seen through the eyes of new comers Lauren London who plays Keira Michelle Whitake and Jay Ellis who plays Bryce "Blue" Westbrook an NFL draft pick.
   "A couple of the writers on the show use to work on ‘One on One,' a show I did a couple years ago and they contacted me and asked did I wanted to be in the show," said the talented Kyla Pratt (Dr. Dolittle, The Proud Family) about her role on "Let's Stay Together." "I said, ‘Of course.' ...It's a guest starring role."
   The third season of "Let's Stay Together" continues to address keeping relationships together with a main focus on Nadine Ellis who plays Stacy and Bert Belasco who plays Charles fighting to stay together after a "perceived" indiscretion by Charles seen by Stacy.
   Also appearing on "Let's Stay Together" are Joyful Drake, Ronreaco Lee, Jackie Long, T'Keyah Crystal and Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs. On "The Game" there are also appearances by Barry Floyd, Rick Fox, Navid Negahban, Bumper Robinson, Tae Heckard, Greg Jennings and LaMonica Garrett.

Mankind steps out of the dark cave in Dreamworks' The Croods 3D, arrives in theaters March 22, 2013
thecroods_2.jpg   Dreamworks Animation, March 22, 2013, will release an adventure/comedy 3D animation, The Croods. The Croods is a family of cavemen (and women) who are on the brink of discover as they leave the darken caves for the light of the outdoors to only find out their world - as they know it - is about to be changed drastically. Nicolas Cage, Cloris Leachman and Emma Stone lead the cast of voices. Distributed by 20th Century Fox The Croods also stars the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Keener, and Clark Duke.
   So many life lessons are in this delightful tale of adventure and comedy, as well as the beautiful 3D images presented in the different forms of creatures that may or may not have lived during that time.
   The over protective father Grug (Cage), afraid of change - which means leaving the dark cave - meets a stranger named Guy (Reynolds) who has befriended his daughter Eep (Stone). Guy has all these strange new ideas and one of which is fire. Not only do the ideas of the stranger save them more times than once, but his freestyle way of coming up with them has influenced dad to come up with his own to save his life, and he does right in the nick-of-time.
   The uplifting and funny Rated PG film is written Chris Sanders, directed by Kirk De Micco and Sanders, and produced by Kristine Belson and Jane Hartwell.

Bravo TV's newest reality show ‘Married to Medicine' to premiere March 24, 2013
MariahHuq.jpg   "I wrote it five years ago," said Mariah Huq, co-creator and producer of the new Bravo TV reality show "Married to Medicine." "I received too many no(s) to count, but anything worth having is worth working for. I was a public affairs news host...and I pitched it until I was blue in the face. Then I met the executive producers of Housewives of Atlanta and New Jersey."
   As they say the rest is history because on March 24, 2013 after five years of pitching her reality show about the medical world of physicians Mariah Huq has found a home on Bravo TV. "Married to Medicine" is about Mariah and five of her friends who are either in the medical field or married to someone in that field.
   Mariah is married to Dr. Aydin Huq, a native of Bangladesh, and it follows her life as a doctors' wife as she juggles two children, her husband, her business, her friends, her non-profit organization and helping her family build a hospital in Bangladesh in memory of her father-in-law.
   "I thought people needed to see the other side of that field," she said. "...The sacrifices that are made ...Doctors' kids are sick but they still have to go to work with other people's kids that are sick."
   Before the reality show Mariah explains, "When I left Tennessee for Atlanta, I went into medical sales. I just wanted to make money. My husband had to do two residencies. I held down the fort."
   Huq launched Mariah Media Group and this reality show is its first project. "Married to Medicine" premieres Sunday, March 24, 2013 at 9/8c on Bravo TV.

(Columnist: Eunice Moseley is a PR/media & promotions consultant, and as well as a syndicated entertainment columnist for over 20 years -  

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