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Grammy Award winning Fred Hammond releases new album and single, ‘I Will Trust'

fredhammond3.jpgGrammy Award winning Gospel legend Fred Hammond releases highly anticipated new album, "I Will Trust, and single of the same name. The album was motivated by his medical struggles of having to get two knee replacements, and how he worked through.

"I had double knee replacement," said Fred Hammond about the motivation for the new album. "They took out the whole knee and put in new was a rough year. I had to get my bottom half to move. It was frustrating and I was nervous. I was in a lot of pain, guys were praying for me and I needed to write from that place."

"I Will Trust" was released on the RCA Inspiration imprint. Hammond was on a 30 city tour, "Festival of Praise Tour," with label mate Donnie McClurkin.

"We had a list of people," Hammond said about how he chose what Gospel artist to go on tour with him. "Donnie was at the top of the list. We are friends. He called me back and said let's do it."

Hammond is a Detroit native who started in the music business as a bass player for The Winans, later he joined the Gospel sextet Commissioned, and he later created the Radical for Christ ensemble. Eventually he went solo as an artist and producer birthing such Gospel hits as "Blessed," "No Weapon," "King of Glory," and "Let the Praise Begin." His 1998 release "Pages of Life Chapters 1 & 2" became a multi-platinum seller. He garnered multiple Stellar and Dove Awards, as well as garnered a Grammy Award.

"It was planned before getting the knees," Fred said when I asked about whether he was ready for a 30 city tour. "We figured in nine months I should be able to...just do it. I'm not all the way, but I am much better than I was."

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Paige Hurd co-stars in CBS' ‘Hawaii Five-O,' finale to air December 12, 2014
paigehurd.jpg"I play the daughter of Captain Grover (played by Chi McBride)," said Paige Hurd ("Everybody Hates Chris") who plays Samantha Grover on CBS' "Hawaii Five-O," which is in its fifth season with the finale to air December 12, 2014. "I'm trouble for my dad. The last season I got kidnapped. It was awesome! She is ...a trouble maker but I think I'm going to come down to earth."

Samantha (Paige) is kidnapped and held hostage by a cyber criminal, and her father Lou Grover has to enlist the Hawaii task force to rescue her. The remake of the 1968 police investigative drama stars Alex O' Loughlin as Lt. Commander Steve McGarrett, a former Navy Seal who returns home to Hawaii to find his father's killer, when the government gives him a chance to run his own task force, Hawaii Five 0.

The drama also stars Scott Caan as Detective Sgt Daniel "Danny aka Danno" Williams, Daniel Dae Kim as Detective Lt Chin Ho Kelly, Grace Park as Officer Kono Kalakaua, and McBride as former HPD Swat Captain Lou Grover.

"I do love it," Hurd said when I pointed out how excited she was that her character was kidnapped. "I got to fly down to Hawaii for 10 days! I had a vacation and worked at the same time."

Paige Hurd is a Dallas native that starred on "Everybody Hates Chris" as Chris Rock's neighbor, in the film Beauty Shop starring Queen Latifah, and in Cradle to the Grave starring DMX and Jet Li.

CBS' "Hawaii Five 0" police drama, created by Leonard Freeman, also stars Terry O'Quinn, Mark Dacascus, and Larisa Oleynik.
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