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MBK's Glory2Glory presents Livre', ‘Jericho: Tribe of Joshua'

livre.jpg     "Our parents grew up together, they did concerts together," said Richard Tolbert one of the members of the Contemporary Urban Gospel group Livre' (pronounced liv-ray) when asked how the five member group was formed. "They're like family. I had never met them (the other members) personally. My cousin was looking for singers for a Revival...we came together for three nights and been together for nine years."
    Livre' consists of Rich, Ajanee Hambrick, Ariel Malloy, Malik Spence and Kenneth Williams. As a group they were signed to MBK Entertainment in 2008. After nine years of performing together the group finally has released their debut album titled "Jericho: Tribe of Joshua" on Glory 2 Glory/MBK Entertainment/Sony Red. Glory 2 Glory is a record label of Jeff Robinson (MBK Entertainment), first manager of 12-time Grammy winner Alicia Keys and owner of MBK/J Records the label Keys debuted on.
    "We diffidently played a part in the creation," said member Malik when asked about their measure of creative input in their debut project. "We wrote a lot of the records, did co-producing...collaborated with Mali Music."
    The "Jericho: Tribe of Joshua" project also features collaborations with Jason Nelson and A$SAP Ferg. They have already garnered four consecutive "Top 30" hits with "Jericho," "Amazing," "I Will Be Alright," and "Everything's Coming Up Jesus."
    "We started recording six years ago and we recorded a lot, but everything happens in God's time," said Richard.
    Based in the Bronx Livre' has already been named "Top 5 Artist to Watch in 2016" and "Top 10 Hot New Songs in 2016" for "Jericho" by and named by the "Get Lifted: 20 Gospel Artists to Watch in 2016." They spent a whole month on Billboard's Top 40 Gospel Radio Chart.
    "I am glad we stayed relevant," Rich said about the long journey to get to their debut release. "Our goal for the album is to make a splash like we know we should, to tour and bless as many lives as we can."
    I have a feeling because of their dedication to the group and their desire to spread the Gospel they will make that splash. You can learn more about Livre' and their debut album "Jericho: Tribe of Joshua" at

ASCAP brings the business of music to Hollywood with ‘I Create Music' Expo
  ASCAP_Expo_2016_PopRockFeedback_DesmondChild_AntoniaArmato.jpg   The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) hosted an annual expo "I Create Music" that brought the most popular businesses and organizations to the public, offering also seminars and discussions lead by the leading songwriters and producers in the business today. Recently the ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo was held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Los Angeles for three days of networking and educational opportunities.
    "The biggest thing is digital and physical distribution of your music," said a representative from CD Baby, one of the premiere music publishing and distribution companies. "We help you collect money from places like Youtube and help you collect additional royalties. That is something we are really passionate about...because our artists are making a lot of money and we been focusing more on it (collecting it). Revenue use to come from two places and now it comes from 20 places. We can help people bring it all to one place."
    Visitors at ASCAP "I Create Music" Expo learned that CD Baby make and sell your music on MP3, CD or vinyl forms and they collect your royalties. You can also earn money from their CD Baby Sync-Licensing Program when your music is used in films, television, commercials, and video games. The event offered discussions on various topics. I went briefly to hear what was being said during the "Pop/Rock Feedback Session" with Desmond Child (Bon Jovi) and Antonina Armato (Mariah Carey, Jonas Brothers) they were giving constructive critiques on the lyrics of some of the audience members' songs. Timaland was keynote speaker and Melissa Etheridge opened the event with a performance. Others artists who performed included OMI ("Cheerleader") and songwriting trio Chris DeStefano Brett James and Priscilla Renea (Carrie Underwood).
    "We are a content management system for music," said a representative from a new platform to license and/or sell your music directly to movies, television, advertisers and gaming companies. "We are also a marketing place for music you can upload your music on our website for free. Sign-up for free, you use key words so that all your music is in one place so you can find it."
    ASCAP has over 560,000 members of professional songwriters, composers and music publishers of every genre of music. It is one of the premiere American performing rights organizations.

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