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Dave Hollister is Back with ‘The Manuscript' Project August 19, 2016 Featuring Angie Stone, Led by First Single ‘Definition of a Woman'

davehollister.jpg"He said, ‘that's not you. We got to bring you back'," said Dave Hollister (Blackstreet) about the birth process of his August 19, 2016 album release "The Manuscript" (Shanachie Entertainment).

Hollister's relatives include of K-Ci & JoJo, Fantasia and Calvin Richardson so you can understand how his vocals helped him become a household name even though he is a member of one of the best Hip-Hop/R&B groups of all time - Blackstreet. The Teddy Riley created group made musical history in a three year span becoming a platinum selling force. Dave branched off releasing eight solo projects; "The Manuscript" is his ninth. The singer/songwriter was born a day after me on August 17th so this project must truly be special. The first single release "Definition of a Woman" has actress LisaRaye starring in the music video, reminiscent of six-time Grammy winning SisQo's (Dru Hill) "Incomplete" video that stars the "Single Ladies" actress.

"My manager he said, 'let's go...its time'," Dave said when asked about his motivation to create a new project. When I asked what we can expect on the album, because his past projects have been about love, he said, "It's been relationship driven. This one is more about love. That is what we been missing. It's been ‘relationSEX'...the relationSHIP is missing."

The Chicago native is also Preacher Hollister so you know this project will be very inspiring. The first single "Definition of a Woman" is produced by Walter W. Millsap III (Beyonce', Alicia Keys Jennifer Lopez). Also featured in "The Manuscript" project is Angie Stone.

"I am not singing somebody else's story. I can only feel my story," Hollister pointed out when I noted what a soulful singer he is. "I hope people listen and say this is real, Dave is back."

"The Manuscript" is a Conjunction Entertainment and Top Notch Music project and it arrives August 19, 2016. Learn more at or follow Dave on Facebook (Dave_Hollister).

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