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The Pulse of Entertainment - January 24 , 2014


Lisa Gay Hamilton co-stars in Jake Goldberger’s’ drama Life of a King, starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.
By Eunice Moseley 


   Film director Jake Goldberger’s Life of a King starring Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Eugene Brown an ex-con using the game of chess to help inner city youth with the concept of making the right choice is in theaters now. Rated PG-13 Life of a King also stars Malcolm Mays, Richard T. Jones, Paula Jai Parker and Carlton Byrd.

   “I think people will be moved,” said Lisa Gay Hamilton, who co-stars in the dramatic film as high school principle Sheila King. “Jake offered the role to me and I was pleased to get it. She is principle of the school. It’s an inner city school in DC. She is dedicated, full of integrity and fair.”

   Hamilton said the film is loosely based on the life of Eugene who spent 18 years in jail for bank robbery. While there, through the game of chess, he learned many lessons he then, upon release, tried to introduce to inner city youth in his Washington, DC neighborhood.

   “The film brings out how everyone tries to do the best with the budget it has,” Lisa pointed out about the public school system’s portrayal. “On a national level it’s to get kids to…think constructively. That’s the message.”

   Life of a King is an Animus/Serena/Steak Haus Production distributed by Millennium Entertainment. Other co-stars include Dennis Haysbert, Kevin Hendricks, Pepi Sonuga, Jordan Calloway, and Rachae Thomas.

   “My hope is that more and more will go to college and get the tools… get that exposure,” Lisa Gay said about what inner city kids and young actors can take from the film. “Come to stage and theater. Some kids have a notion it’s all about fame and money, and that doesn’t exist.”

   Life of a King was released to selected theaters January 17, 2014.

   Lisa Gay Hamilton credits include Beloved, Clint Eastwood’s True Crime, The Soloist, “Men of a Certain Age,” “All My Children,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “SouthLAnd,” and “The Practice.”

   Learn more about the film at

ABC announces 2014 programming, “Resurrection” starring Omar Epps added

resurrection.jpg   I went to support the Disney/ABC Television Group 2014 Winter Press Tour (TCA) session when they announced their new and recurring programs. ABC Family Network president Tom Aseheim gave the welcome and ABC Entertainment Group’s president Paul Lee was on hand for a Q and A session about the programs.

   ABC Family brings back “The Fosters” starring Teri Polo (Meet the Parents) and Sherri Saum (“Rescue Me”) for a second season which premiered January 13, 2013 - it airs on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.  ABC introduced a new series “The Black Box” starring Kelly Reilly (Flight) as Dr. Catherine Black a neuroscientist, to premiere April 24th at 10 p.m. ET.

   ABC brings back for a third season “Suburgatory” starring Jeremy Sisto as George Altman (“Six Feet Under”) a single father from New York trying to make it in the suburbs, it premiered January 15th and airs on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT. ABC will premiere a new series “Mind Games” starring Christian Slater (“The West Wing”) as Ross and Steve Zahn (“Treme”) as Clark, two brothers that sell psychological manipulation as a business - it premiers February 25th at 10 p.m. ET.

   ABC’s reality show “Nashville” returns for a second season with Connie Britton. ABC’s “Mixology,” executive produced by Ryan Seacrest, will be a new comedy series about one night with a group of people at a bar. “Mixology” premieres February 26th replacing “Super Fun Night” - to air on Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT.

   It also announced a new dramatic series “Resurrection” starring Omar Epps (“House”) as J. Martin Bellamy a stranger with a hard-to-believe message for Henry Langston played by Kurtwood Smith (“The 70s Show”) and Lucille Langston played by Frances Fisher (Titanic) that their son thought died - Jacob Langston played by Landon Gimenez – for almost 32 years has been found alive, but he is still at the same age.

   “Resurrection” will premiere Sunday, March 9th at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

   “J. is in it for the long hall, he is committed to the boy,” said Omar Epps, a multi-NAACP Image Awards winner, about his role in the dramatic series. Epps is known for his recurring role as Dr. Eric Foreman in the Fox Network series “House”. “The town as a whole is committed. You discover that in the first season.”

   “It’s based on a book called “The Return,” said Michele Fazekas co-executive producer of the series. “That book was the start off point. A lot of the characters in the book are not in the show. It’s a continuing story line…there are goals but its continuing.”

   “Eventually, you open up to the possibility,” Epps pointed out about the message of the supernatural/science fiction/fantasy series.

   The author of “The Return” is Jason Mott who is also a co-executive producer on the show, along with Brad Pitt. Mott and Pitt, along with co-executive producer Aaron Zelman developed the series.

   Learn more about ABC’s 2014 programming at

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