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Turbo_dreamworks.jpgDreamWorks' Turbo, an inspiring tale of the underdog achieving the impossible, in theaters now
By Eunice Moseley 

   An impossible win at the Indy 500 for an underdog snail named Turbo is the tale told in DreamWorks' newest animated 3D movie release, Turbo, starring the voices of Ryan Reynolds (Turbo) and his fellow ‘racing' snails Snopp Dogg as Smoove Move; Samuel L. Jackson as Whiplash; Maya Randolph as Burn, and Ben Schwartz as White Shadow. Turbo, the inspiring and colorful animated story of striving for the impossible, is in theaters now.
   Michael Pena is Tito the one true believer in Turbo's impossible dream who works with his brother in a family taco business. He finds Turbo just as he was looking for a way to draw the clientele into the business. Paul Giamatti is Turbo's doubting brother Chet who, along with Turbo, are captured by Tito and introduced to the world of snail racing.
   The family animated film will have you on a ride of laughter and have you inspired to do the impossible. Created by the makers of Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda and The Croods, Turbo is directed by David Soren, also co-screenwriter with Robert Siegel and Daren Lemke. Rated PG Turbo is distributed by 20th Century Fox. Lisa Stewart and Susan Slagle Roger are producers with music by Henry Jackman.
   Jackman's assembly of great artists and songs on the soundtrack had me dancing in my seat. Of course snail racer Smoove Move Snoop Dogg showed his skills on "Let the Bass Go" - his current single release. Snoop also appears with Pharrell Williams on "Drop It Like It's Hot" and Henry's use of the Jackson 5's "Going Back to Indiana" was so on time. And on point
   Richard Jenkins, Ken Jeong and Michelle Rodriguez also star in the film. Turbo will have you go from dancing in your seats to sitting on the edge of your seats by the end. Log onto for more information or to see the movie trailer.

A Band Called Death, three brothers that brought the world Punk Rock release docu-film, in theaters now
Death_band.jpg   "We grew up in an era where you call anyone a punk you get a bloody nose," laughed Bobby Hackney, Sr. when asked about his band Death's historically noted credit for creating what we now know as Punk music. In reality Death considered themselves a Rock band with a Detroit influence. Alice Cooper even appears in their docu-film A Band Called Death in theaters now.
   "We didn't know our music was an influence," said Dannis Hackney. "We had no manager. We did everything in a crude way."
Death brothers are Bobby Hackney, Sr., Dannis Hackney and Bobbie Duncan. A Band Called Death is written by Draft House Films and directed by Mark Christopher Covino and Jeff Houlette.
   "We would raise the garage door," Dannis said about the early performance days. "We had 50 - 70 people in the alley. The Sisters in the neighborhood would get on us hard cause of the Rock music...but now they approve."
   The films birth came when one of the brothers' son went to a nite-club and heard his father's voice on a record, a record from his father's group Death. That interest in Death's songs became so club-hot the 45 copies of the singles became collective items. So 32 years after their garage band days the group found themselves in demand constantly.
   A Band Called Death documents their popularity and the honors given to them for being the Punk Rock sound fathers.

Lana Parrilla host Gracie Awards and Jim Brickman, Shaun Robinson attend
gracieawards_2013_chandrawilson.jpg   ABC's hit series "Once Upon a Time" actress Lana Parrilla served as host at the 38th Annual Gracie Awards before a star-studded crowd that included platinum selling pianist Jim Brickman, "Access Hollywood" host Shaun Robinson; Grey's Anatomy" actress Chandra Wilson (pictured); "Rizzolu & Isles" actress Angie Harmon; "Army Wives" actress Catherine Bell and E! News' Ashlan Gorse.
   Guiliana Rancic received the "Caring Is Sexy" Award from the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation, the presenters of the Gracie Awards. Rancic is co-anchor at E! News with Kelly Osbourne and George Kotsiopoulos.
   Multi-Grammy Award winning Melissa Etheridge was on hand to perform at the black-tie event. The Gracie Awards honor the talented women in the industry of media, which include radio, television, cable and new media. It seeks to encourage the realistic and multi-faceted portrayal of women in entertainment, news, features and other programs.
   Amy Pochler of "Parks & Recreation"; Hannah Storm of ESPN Sports Center; Brooke Anderson of "Entertainment Tonight"; Ina Jaffe of NPR and Deb Carson of Fox Sports Radio were also in attendance. Learn more about the Alliance for Women in Media by logging onto  

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