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terminatorgenisys.jpgIt's the beginning of a new era for the Terminator franchise with Paramount's presentation of Terminator Genisys

It's the beginning of a new era for the Terminator franchise with Paramount's presentation of Terminator Genisys. The Sci-Fi Action/Thriller stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Terminator T-800, Jai Courtney (The Water Diviner) as Kyle Reese and Emmy nominated Emilia Clarke ("Game of Thrones") as Sarah Connor. Terminator Genisys, Rated PG-13 and now in theaters, is shown in 3D, Real 3D, and IMAX 3D. Directed by Alan Taylor ("Sex and the City"), Terminator Genisys is written by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Dracula 2000).

This time Terminator has a new twist to the infamous tale of an unlikely human soldier destined to try and save the world from the computer program Skynet's take-over and the ultimate destruction of human life as we know it. It is 2019 and Kyle Reese (Courtney) literally drops in on the past to protect Sarah Connor.

Sarah (Clarke) is ready this time when Reese arrives and she needs no convincing. Terminator T-800 (Schwarzenegger) is there already programmed to raise and protect her. Kyle and Sarah, already knowing what the future holds, decides to change his early demise as seen in previous Terminator films and succeed at destroying the machines before he is killed.

Jason Clarke (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) is John Conner and in this version he is taken over by Skynet, known in the past as Genisys, and made into a new kind of human. The Skynet controlled son battles his parents - one from the future and one from the past. J. K. Simmons ("The Closer," "Law and Order") is alcoholic Detective O'Brien who witnessed the arrival of Reese and spends his whole life investigating it. Terminator T-800 grows old while he waits for Kyle and Sarah to come back again to save the world from the machines.

Lee Byung-hun (G. I. Joe) is the very convincing Terminator T-1000 sent to kill Sarah. Terminator Genisys, a Skydance Production, also stars Tony Award winning Courtney B. Vance ("Law & Order: Criminal Intent") as the creator of Skynet and Dayo Okeniyl ("The Hunger Games") as his son all grown up now assisting him. David Ellison (G. I. Joe: Retaliation) and Dana Goldberg are producers, and Meagan Ellison is Executive Producer.

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Warner Bros/MGM presents Max, a hero's story, in theaters now
max_themovie.jpgA U.S. Marine ordered with "handling" a German shepherd named Max, used to smell out the wounded during the war in Afghanistan, is killed. The Warner Bros and Metro-Goldwyn - Mayer (MGM) presentation of Max tells a hero's story of a shell-shocked dog that is missing badly his handler and owner. Rated PG the adventure film Max follows the Marines' little brother Justin Wincott (Josh Wiggins), who is already dealing with the lost of his big brother and teen related issues with his father, now the new "handler" of Max.

Thomas Haden Church (Heaven is Real) plays the father Roy Wincott an ex-Marine trying to understand his teen son's attitude while also grieving the lost of his eldest son. Lauren Graham ("Parenthood") plays the mother Pamela Wincott trying to heal all their wounds, and Robbie Amell ("The Flash") is the brother Kyle killed in action.

Thanks to the help of Justin's friend Chuy (Dejon LaQuake/"Bones") he learns a thing or two about German Shepherds from Chuy's cousin Carmen, played by Mia Xitiali, an amateur dog trainer. The bond between Max and Justin tightens as both become dependent on the other for life saving help. It seems his Marine brothers' best friend Sgt. Reyes (Jay Hernandez/"Nashville") could be involved in his death and is now out to kill the only one that knows, Max.

Justin gets introduced by Chuy to a family gang member Emilio (Joseph Julian Soria/"Army Wives") who is dealing guns with Sgt. Reyes. Justin stumbles on the illegal activities with Emilio and Reyes, and to save him Max risks his life - a real hero's story.

Max is directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember the Titans) and written by Yakin, and former Marine Sheldon Lettich (Bloodsport, Rambo III).
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