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annnesby_2.jpgGrammy winner Ann Nesby releases new album, ‘Living My Life' on Arrow Soul Records

By Eunice Moseley 

"It has been five years since my last album," said two-time Grammy winner Ann Nesby about her last solo album release. "I'm a member of World Changers (Creflo Dollar Ministries) and they added another division - Arrow Soul. I was asked to come on to the label. Since I was there at the church for 15 years I thought I can be home, in the studio and church. It worked out for the good."

Her first album release on Arrow Soul is "Living My Life" with the first single, the title track, climbing the radio charts. Nesby best known for being the lead vocalist in Sounds of Blackness is known as the Queen of Inspirational Soul Music.

"He hooked me up with top-of-the-line producers," she said about the project. "Kendrick Dean comes from a spiritual foundation. He is witty; youthful...his music is fresh. It gave me the opportunity to learn...pick that young mind."

Dean has produced for such artists as Mariah Carey, Mary J Blige, and Tyrese. Ann is also a songwriter and has written songs for Gladys Knight and Patti LaBelle. As an actress Nesby has appeared in Tyler Perry's I Been Changed and the film The Fighting Temptations.

"Living My Life" was released June 3, 2014.

"I write and talk about things I've experience," Ann concluded about what we can find on the project. "Being able to share experiences through music is always a plus."

You can log onto or for more information on Ann or the current album release "Living My Life."

Multi-platinum selling South African Soul singer Lira releases debut American album, ‘Rise Again,' tours the U.S.
lira3.jpgMulti-platinum selling South African Soul singer Lira releases her debut American album titled "Rise Again," on the Shanachie imprint, and plans U.S. tour to support. The album's first single "Feel Good" is a remix of her South African hit.

"Its material I've released in South African over the last several years," said Lira, a very beautiful artist who also models. "It's what I thought America would like...this is who I am."

"Rise Again" is a collection of many genres of music laced with her South African flavor making a very fresh sound for America. My favorite selections on the project include the title song "Rise Again," which has a Latin feel and the acoustic guitar (played by Lira) solo I love very much, "Something Inside So Strong" has an African feel to it, and "Valley of Darkness" has a nice Pop/R&B sound.

"I am so excited," she said about her U.S. tour to support the "Rise Again" release. "This is my second American tour. The first time I was feeling the market for my style of music. I am visiting 13 cities all across America. I am really excited... I am going places I've never been. "

Lira said she never grew up with South African music, it was banded on radio.

"Our own music was banded from radio. We heard (as children) American music. The soundtrack to our struggle," she concluded.

You can log onto to find out more about her or her first America album release "Rise Again."

KJLH Radio personality Tammi Mac gives outstanding performance in one-woman play ‘Bag Lady'
tammimac_baglady_credit_MacAlexander.jpg"Make peace with the past," said Tammi Mac, KJLH 102.3 radio personality and theatrical actress about what she wanted the audience to get from her one-woman play "Bag Lady" held recently at Stage 52 Playhouse in Los Angeles for two weeks. "We incorporated multi-media because that's what is in in a different way...incorporated with my performance."

Tammi Mac did an outstanding job entertaining the audience with no break. The many characters she performed as was so on point I was sitting there wondering why this play or Tammi Mac are not on Broadway. The production was so 21 Century, Broadway has got to be to this point in production, if not then they need to take lessons from Mac.

"I have been in plays for nine years in Los Angeles," she pointed out when talking about her acting skills. "This particular one me and my girlfriend were coming from Houston on a flight. The conversation was about the men in our lives. We stop laughing. For the rest of the flight we were analyzing ourselves. I was like I am going to write this. She said, ‘you should do a one-woman play.' I got the funding from Kickstarter so I had no reason not to."

Mac raised $20,000 from the Kickstarter campaign to fund the play and a web bases series. Directed by award winning Iona Morris "Bag Lady" follows Tammi Mac's life long relationships with men starting with childhood molestation. You follow her through, not only her relationships, but through the time period thanks to her excellent acting and narratives throughout the play.

"I had a tough time writing the ending," Tammi Mac confessed. "It came two months before the opening. When I did the reading I had writers help me with the beginning, middle and ending. How do you merge them together? It all comes back to where you start, that's how it ends."

It ended so well it brought me to tears. I laughed, gasped in horror, cried, and laughed some more. Her opening night attracted such celebrities as director John Singleton, actress Vanessa Bell Calloway, actor DeVon Franklin, actor Phil Morris, and Dawn Lewis - to name a few.

"Bag Lady" was executive produced by Deborah McCall, Brandi Burks, Manuel and Nina Curette, Oscar & Parnell Farinas, and Brother Steve & Respect for Life Foundation. Learn more about this outstanding theatrical actress and KJLH 102.3 Radio personality ("Mac & Amice") from 4 - 8 p.m. at or  

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