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world-war-z-trailer-brad-pitt.jpgWorld War Z, starring Brad Pitt, is action packed and arrives in theaters June 21, 2013

   Co-produced by Brad Pitt, the Paramount presentation of World War Z (3D, IMAX) is action packed from beginning to end and arrives at theaters June 21, 2013. Brad leads the cast of the Paramount distributed horror film that finds him as Gerry Lane, a retired United Nations family man, pulled into the search for a way to stop a zombie pandemic that could destroy the world.
    The cast include Stephen Mckeown, Mireille Enos - as Karen Lane his wife trying to protect their two children played by Abigail Hargrove and Sterling Jerins; James Badge Dale who plays Captain Speke, U.S. special forces; Matthew Fox is a U.S. Navy Seal operative; David Morse, Ludi Boeken, Fana Mokoena, David Andrews, Elyes Gabel, Julie Levy-Boeken, Moritz Beibtreu, Ruth Negga, Pierfrancesco Favino and Peter Capaldi fill the cast.
    Brad Pitts' powerful dedication to this role carries his signature style that makes him the icon that he is. His character Gerry travels the world looking for the original host of a virus that's covering the world at an alarming rate, while successfully staying in contact with his wife and kids.
    Directed by Marc Forster, World War Z had the audience jumping from the gruesomeness that the 3D images brought out in the horror film, laughed at the comic-relief zombie moments and felt relief at the end when the films hero saved the day. Rated PG-13 the World War Z is based on the novel of the same name by Max Brooks and a trailer can be found at  

WE tv's ‘House of Curves' brings the drama on Thursdays with Kenyatta Jones
kenyatta-jones.jpg  "Two of my employees, I wanted them to work together on something and it turned into rivalry," said Kenyatta Jones, a full size clothes designer whose business, "House of Curves," is the subject of the new WE tv reality series airing on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. "You know there is always drama with women."
    Jones said the idea of finding another plate-form to show that there is a need for full figure designers is also a motivating force behind why she wanted this, "I got laid off...after working in corporate America all my career it came to a point, life changed."
    So she took a leap of faith into designing clothes and it snow balled into what she has today.
    "You are differently going to see fashion," said Jones. "But the main thing I want you to see is fashion in plus size, to love what you see. We had lots of doors closed in our faces."
    Some of those employees featured on "House of Curves" include Kendra, creative director for Belle Rene' and seamstress Sherlyndia. You will also see celebrities styled on the show, such as LeToya Luckett (Preacher's Kid).
    "We try to use higher end fabric," Kenyatta pointed out about her plus size designs. "We try to imitate what we see and put it in our size - no smaller than a size 10. Plus size bodies you don't know how the weight is proportioned."
    Jones hopes to one day have her fashions in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week event, but for now you can see them every Thursday at 9 p.m. on WE tv.

Mike Peele brings dance to the community with Hip Hop Fit
Michael_Peele_HS_1_thumb-1.jpg   Choreographer, actor and dancer Mike Peel is bringing his superb dance steps to the community with his Hip Hop Fit dance classes in Los Angeles. You can see his dance skills in Stomp The Yard, Step Up 3D, Michael Jackson's "This Is It," and he has performed with Rihanna on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" and on such shows as BET Hip-Hop Awards.
    "I've taught in New York, Atlanta and now in Los Angeles," said Mike Peele, a very talented dancer and choreographer. "We have people of different sizes and ages. I have been blessed to have all types of people - housewives - people you'd never thought danced."
If you check out the videos of his class routines on Youtube you can clearly see how not only his skills as a dancer but also as a choreographer.
    "I grew up watching Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Debbie Allen...I am able to give the most feminine moves and make it feel comfortable. There's nothing better than to see a dude being a dude," he pointed out when I mentioned that I love the fact that he made feminine moves manly.
"Sometimes I say. ‘nothing from anybody else...but for this project I need you to butch it up.'"
    Peele currently has a DVD out, "Dance Hip Hop Now," that showcases his talents. His choreographer skills can be seen in the 2011 film PAPA, an international Korean blockbuster. Mike has danced on stage with such superstars as Madonna, Rihanna, Nicki Maniji and Livvi Frac.
    "I like dancing on the beat," he pointed out. "The rest is the lyrics. I like dancing on the beat and then the lyrics. Sometimes, like in L.A., you can get too technical."
    Find more information about this unbelievably talented dancer and choreographer by visiting his website at  

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