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The Pulse of Entertainment - June 5, 2015

enoturage-film.jpgWarner Bros' Entourage is a great feel good movie

The Warner Bros. presentation of Entourage is a great feel good movie that outlines the struggles in all of our personal and career lives in seeking that one love and being recognized for our achievements. Entourage is a continuation of the HBO Emmy Award winning comedy television series of the same name starring Kevin Connolly (John Q), Adrian Grenier ("90210"), Kevin Dillon (Poseidon), Jerry Ferrara (Battleship), and Emmy Award winner Jeremy Piven (Justice League).

The comedy follows five best friends as they deal with their love lives and career ups and downs. The screenwriter of the film is Doug Ellin ("Entourage") and Rob Weiss ("Entourage"). Producers include Academy Award nominated Mark Wahlberg (The Gambler), who makes a cameo appearance, Doug Ellin and Stephen Levinson.

Other cameo appearances included T.I and wife Tiny, Piers Morgan, Pharrell Williams, Andrew Dice Clay, Kelsey Grammer, Calvin Harris, Mike Tyson, Jessica Alba, and Liam Neeson. Doug also served as director.

Entourage, Rated R, is an HBO, Closest to the Hole, Leverage Entertainment production and is in theaters now. Watch the trailer and learn more about the comedic film at

Jazz vocalist Steven Davis brings back the big band era with new album release ‘What Happened to Romance'
StevenDavis.jpg"It's been a wild, wonderful and crazy ride in less than a year," said Jazz vocalist Steven Davis about his new album "What Happened to Romance". "Recorded three separate projects and a couple of nights ago we finished a Christmas album"

Steven is talking about his music partners Josh Charles and Alissa Moreno who produced the projects. The "What Happened to Romance" release on June 23, 2015 is supported by the Big Band orchestra sound that matches Davis' big band era vocal style reminiscent of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.

"I met Josh and Alissa less than a year ago in Nashville," Steven recalled. "He said why don't we write together. We'll produce the music."
Together they bring back the grand sound of the big band era starting with "What Happened to Romance."

"They have come to be known as the After Midnight Band," he said. "Andy Farber arranged all the music. They've played under him for many years."

I truly enjoyed hearing that era music again. My favorite songs off the "What Happened to Romance" album include "Love Comes Right on Time" for taking me back to the Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, and Frank Sinatra sound with his voices; the title track "What Happened to Romance," "I Found Love" for that awesome horn solo - sounding like the essence of the big band era, and "Day In, Day Out" for its big band finish.

The 14 selections on "What Happened to Romance" are more than you will ever need to satisfy your big band hunger. You can log onto for more information about the new project.

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