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The Pulse of Entertainment - March 21, 2014

Grammy nominated Ledisi stuns again with latest album release ‘The Truth’

By Eunice Moseley 


“Everyone knows me singing ballads, I wanted to show another side of me,” said Grammy Award nominated Ledisi (Young) about her latest album release “The Truth” released March 11, 2014. “Everything is centered around me. I confess I love to dance and let go. This is a little bit more of me.”

Let go is exactly what she does on this album of 13 outstanding selections that will have you rocking the entire time. Executive produced by herself and the legendary Rex Rideout “The Truth” is released on the Verve/Universal Music imprint. Featured on the album, aside from the help of Rex, is songwriting wonder-boys Ivan Barias and Carvin Haggins, and the golden-touch songwriter Claude Kelly.

“I was transforming,” she pointed out about the obvious changes in her album tempo. “I was getting all these ballads. I said I want to be up-beat…I was going to dance class.”

 If you watch her perform live the first single off of “The Truth,” “I Blame You,” you can safely say she passed the dance class. Her last project “Pieces of Me” coincided with a book release, “Better Than Alright,” and when asked about another book release for this album the New Orleans native said, “I’m writing a book but kept having to put in on pause for this album…which started my career, but I’m still an author.”

The Ledisi “The Truth” Tour kicks of April 16, 2014 in Florida with the Robert Glasper Experience, and will reach my hometown of Baltimore May 4th This is the talented singer’s seventh album. Her skills even had her performing for the First Lady Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday; in fact she has performed at the White House so many times they need to give her, her own room.

Advice she gives my young readers that are aspiring artists is, “Enjoy who you are and embrace yourself.”

My favorite songs on “The Truth,” though the entire album could be released as singles, include the first single “I Blame You” because she shows how powerful her vocals can be; “Rock With You” because it has a sort of Moroccan feel; “Lose Control” because it slows the album down a little; “Anything” has support of the lead guitar which I love; “Mine” has a military style drum beat that I love; “Miss Doubt” has a nice beat as well and it took be back to old-school; “I Swear,” and “88 Boxes” a very cleverly written, deep and meaningful selection.

To learn more about Ledisi and “The Truth” album release log onto her website at

Brian Culbertson re-releases his debut album and makes it a classic with ‘Another Long Night Out’


Contemporary Jazz pianist Brian Culbertson re-released his 1994 debut album “Long Night Out” with a slight name change, “Another Long Night Out,” and production improvements that most surely will make it a classic. Amazing how some music is ageless, like the soulful spirits of some people. Culbertson’s new album release on BCM Entertainment certainly shows this to be true.

“I had been thinking about doing this for years, the remaking of the original for 20 years,” said the NAACP Image Award nominated instrumentalist, known as a pianist, but he also plays keyboards, trombone, drums, bass, trumpet, percussions and euphonium. “I thought the original was lacking in production. It was made by a 20 year old in the studio….with a drum machine.”

Well Brian went all out in the production department compared to what he was working with as a 20 years-old while at DePaul University recording demos in his bedroom. On “Another Long Night Out” he was working with real drums, a real piano and some of the best Jazz instrumentalist in the business, which includes Paul Jackson, Jr., Fourplay’s Chuck Loeb and Nathan East; Yellowjacket’s Jimmy Haslip and Will Kennedy; Ricky Lawson, Michael Thompson, Lenny Castro, Russ Freeman, Eric Marienthal, Candy Dulfer, and Toto’s Steve Lukather.

The Jazz/R&B/Funk Illinois native enlisted a 38-piece orchestra for the project most of which he said were inspirations throughout his career.

“Five years ago I got serious and started putting a list together,” he pointed out. “I had many people that inspired me. I’m bringing all that…I was limited. Didn’t have multi-tracks, I had six. On this, some songs have 200 tracks! I didn’t have a piano. I have the greatest on this. This is strictly Jazz…I had been doing Funk & R&B.”

Brian is also founder and artistic director of Brian Culbertson’s Napa Valley Jazz Getaway, a five-day festival of wine and Jazz in Napa, California that is slated for June 11 – 15, 2015.

Some of my favorites cuts on the “Another Long Night Out” album release include “Horizon” for it shows the essence of Jazz; “City Lights” has a nice and smooth feel; “Heroes of the Dawn” has a Jazz/Funk feel and I love the horn support; on “Beautiful” his piano skills are outstanding and the lead guitar is so sweet, and “Double Exposure” has a nice feel that had me wanting to do the Cha-Cha, and that lead guitar was actually screaming - I love when a guitar player does that.

“Another Long Night Out” is surely going to be a classic Brian Culbertson project. For more on him and his latest album release log onto the six-time Oasis Smooth Jazz Award winner’s website at

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