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The Pulse of Entertainment - March 7, 2014

Bob Sumner, ‘Def Comedy Jam’ co-creator launches ‘LAFF MOBB’s We Got Next’ on ASPIRE, airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST

By Eunice Moseley 


“It was time to rearrange the furniture, go back to old conventional style comedy,” said Bob Sumner co-creator of the highly successful HBO “Def Comedy Jam,” which helped to launch the careers of such comedians as Chris Tucker, Martin Lawrence and Joe Torry). “I was instrumental in the success of HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam”. We received a lot of criticism for the language. Comedy is not about four letter words it’s a point of view.”

On February 18, 2014 Bob Sumner launch a new comedy series for up-coming comics on ASPIRE network which airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST titled “LAFF MOBB’s We Got Next.”  Sumner on this show is highlighting clean comedy.

"I always speak on the difference in comics and comedians,” Bob pointed out. “Comics are in a box and comedians can go anyway.”

In picking clean comedians for the “LAFF MOBB’s We Got Next” Sumner said he chooses them as if it was a sports draft.

“I am always out on the road scouting…taking notes on what can work,” he said. “It’s easy to look at comedians live, tapes can be edited.”

Bob believes a good clean comedian is really a great story teller. He wants to take comedy back to the times of Ed Sullivan where the whole family can watch.

On the show Sumner is the host and is joined by Brely Evans (“Being Mary Jane”), Carlos Koustas (Bob’s “right hand man”), DJ Mike Smoove, and Red Grant (“First Sunday”) who debates on who’s next before a live audience.

Thirty-two comedians were chosen for the comedy showcase series and in episode two aired February 25th of “LAFF MOBB’s We Got Next” the four comedians hand picked by Sumner to be showcased were Reyna Amaya (California), Tony Baker (Michigan), Austin Hall (Washington, DC), and Kevin “Damn Fool” Simpson (Illinois).

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Brazilian actress Rebecca Da Costa stars in The Bag Man with Robert DeNiro, in theaters now

rebeccadacosta2.jpgBrazilian actress Rebecca Da Costa stars in the Cinedigm presentation of The Bag Man, a modern day crime thriller with Robert DeNiro, John Cusack and Crispin Glover. Rebecca plays Rivka an intriguing mysterious woman who seeks the help of a hit-man Jack is hired by mob boss Dragna (DeNiro) to retrieve a bag, but to not look inside. Just as he is about to deliver the bag to a backwater motel in the Delta Bayous he meets Rivka and the two partners up to escape the crime boss and survive a night of murderous havoc.

The Bag Man hit theaters February 28 and was written by David Grovic and Paul Conway and produced by A TinRes Entertainment. Rated R The Bag man will be on DVD via Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

“Rivka is Rebecca in Hebrew,” said Da Costa about her character. “She is very mischievous, sharp and always on. She has a since of humor…kicking ass, a driven character…she’s amazing.”

Rebecca said that the director David Grovic, also one of the writers, allowed her to influence how Rivka looks in the film.

“I was 5’11” at 13 so my mother signed me up in a modeling contest and I won,” Rebecca says about how she got into entertainment. While in high school she found a love for entertainment by participating in theater by starring, writing and directing. Her modeling career gave her the opportunity to travel the world modeling for L‘Oreal, Nokia and Yves Saint Laurent.

Currently a resident of Los Angeles Rebecca’s credits include HBO’s “Entourage,” “Free Runner,” “Mind Games,” and “7 Below” along side Val Kilmer and Ving Rhames. She recently ended filming on Breaking at the Edge starring with Milo Ventimiglia and Andie MacDowell.

For more information about Rebecca Da Costa follow her on Twitter at @BeccadaCOSTA and for more information about The Bag Man log onto 

Africa meets America in the debut self-titled album of Offiong Bassey

offiongBassey2.jpg“This is my debut,” said Offiong Bassey (pronounced as it is spelled) a Nigerian-American R&B/Jazz/Gospel singer, songwriter and poet. “I have been a guest on other projects…this is mine. I have always been singing and writing music, always creating art. I felt it was something kind of unique I wanted to say. I have influences from across the world as who I am.”

The world-music influence is clearly heard in this album of 12 selections and refreshingly most of the songs perfectly combine the traditional African sound with the contemporary American sound. Executively produced by Bassey and produced by Blethy Emmanuel Tiegnon, “Offiong Bassey” is distributed on the Moonlit Media Group imprint.

“It’s been an interesting process,” she said about recording her debut. “To do it yourself…your standard of quality. I learned to be patient. It’s been a long road. My music…Jazz, Gospel, African…it’s a unified piece of work.”

"Offiong Bassey” debuted at #2 on the CMJ New World Music Chart and #4 on the SoulTracks Album Chart. Bassey has a nine-piece band and is a graduate of Yale.

My favorite cuts on the debut album includes “Edidem” for its pure African flavored sound; “Owo Iba Me Ita” another one with a great African flavor with a great message of love and outstanding horn support by Derek Friesen; “Conclusions” for its horn support again by Derek and her Spoken Word performance, and “Efik Praise Medley” again for the African flavored sound and again the horn support makes it a very powerful selection.

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