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druhill_ramshead_april26_2013_9.jpgDru Hill gives platinum performance at Rams Head Live, B.A.D. rock the roof off

I went to review the performances of my hometown legends Dru Hill (Jazz, SisQo, Tao and Nokio), along with Nokio's Rock band Black Angel Down (B.A.D.) at Rams Head Live in Baltimore with much excitement. I was excited because they tend to shut the venue down when they finish performing. Nokio's band's lead guitarist is one of the finest in the world, I believe, so I was hyped up with excitement
What surprised me, but maybe frustrated a couple, were the opening acts. It was time consuming yes, but I loved the variety and the level of talent. You had a Rock/Folk type band called Patch and a young R&B artist, DBoi, who had some awesome Michael Jackson dance moves, nice vocals and a couple of hot songs. There were also some Hip-Hop acts that impressed me too.
Nokio dressed in black angel wings and a halo took us on a personal journey of his love for Rock. I do so love Rock - even played a lead guitar until my adult years - and can tell you this band will become legends, B.A.D., remember their name.
The pressure was on with the ladies as Dru Hill's time finally came when the member who has sold more albums with his first solo release than some of today's top artists have sold in three-four releases, SisQo, looking like an angel dressed in white was followed by his brothers Nokio, new member Tao and later Jazz with his impeccable vocals. I've had the pleasure to see Dru perform three times (rehearse once) and I will tell you this show - with live band, dance steps on point, everyone dressed to a "T" - tells me Dru Hill is Vegas worthy.
They sang some of their greatest hits while doing their famous dance steps - "Beauty," "5 Steps," and "How Deep is Your Love" - and from their current release "InDRUpendence" a single titled "Away." The legends also covered hits from artists such as Prince completely filling the built-up hunger of the Dru Hill crowd.
You can follow Dru Hill on Facebook and Twitter at @DruHill4Ever.

Grammy Award winning producer Keith Harris talks Black Eye Peas and Ceelo Green projects
keith-harris.jpg Drummer/songwriter/music director Keith Harris was working as a drummer/music director when the opportunity to work for the Black Eyed Peas on tour came to him, fore filling a life long dream. From that job Keith had the opportunity to work on the projects of Fergie, Will.I.Am, Chrisette Michele ("Be Okay") and Estelle ("American Boy").
"A lot of my collaborations happen while with the Black Eyed Peas," Harris pointed out. "Before that I'd worked on two Gospel CDs in Boston and produced a live album."
"I have to reinvent myself every three's crazy cause you can hear the evolution of my music. You should not be afraid of changing," he advised me when talking about his growth and successes.
His successes also include working with Michael Jackson on "Thriller 25"; Mary J Blige ("Break Through"), Mariah Carey ("E=MC2), Chris Brown ("Exclusive"), John Legend, Kelis ("Kelis Was Here"), Busta Rhymes ("The Big Bang"), Macy Gray, Ginuwine ("Back II Basics"), Pussy Cat Dolls, Madonna and Sergio Mendes.
His last project was as music director for Ceelo Green's run in Las Vegas.
"I'm doing now what I dreamed of doing," he said about working with Ceelo Green in Vegas. "It's more of a musical. Now I want to get into films, more into television."
Keith Harris has contribution to the Black Eyed Peas include 10 singles of Grammy Award wins as producer/songwriter/music director. Learn more about this Berklee graduate at

(Columnist: Eunice Moseley is a PR/media & promotions consultant, and as well as a syndicated entertainment columnist for over 20 years -

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