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The Pulse of Entertainment - November 14, 2014

BMI Award winner CeCe Peniston's new single ‘Nothing Can Stop Me' gaining radio play

cecepeniston2.jpg"I'm getting ready to do a video," multi-platinum selling singer/songwriter CeCe Peniston said about her recently released single "Nothing Can Stop Me (Now)," a dance tune gaining radio play. "My EP project is coming out... February of 2015."

Peniston is best known for her multi-platinum selling club hit "Finally," which garnered a BMI Award, and a VH1 nomination. CeCe is currently promoting her Fitness Campaign and new swim suit line.

"I lost 25 45 years-old," Peniston informed me. "Proceeds from my bathing suit line go to my foundation for kids, L.O.T.S."

The former beauty queen debut single "Finally" has sold over three million copies, and solidified CeCe Peniston in the music history books.
"It will sound and feel like old CeCe... but a little more grown up. I've gone through things in my life," she said about what to expect on her new project "Nothing Can Stop Me (Now).".

CeCe's career was highlighted on TV One's "Unsung" last year.

"They asked before, I said I'm not sure then," Peniston said about the TV One coverage on her career. I asked her what she thought about the TV One episode and she said, "You realize how much you've come through in your hit me hard... the stuff with my children...I had a lot to deal with. I realized why."
The Ohio native's first hit single "Finally" has carried her for 24 years.

"I had no idea," CeCe said about the historical successful debut single. "I was writing poetry in was an outlet I felt misunderstood. It was my way of letting it out. I was doing what I do naturally."\

"Finally" was released during the New Jack Swing era, and the single release met with major success as a club hit making CeCe Peniston Billboard's U.S. Dance Club Artist of the Year. She had five Billboards #1 hits in a three year span. That success had her performing for Pope John Paul II as part of the Sisters of Glory choir. She also performed for Bill Clinton at his 42nd inauguration.

"The first one we came out with," she said remembering the debut of her first single. Still sounding amazed by its success she continued, "...And the fact that it became a classic. Twenty-four years ago I wrote it."

You can log onto for more information on upcoming EP or her single's video release.

Jazz trumpeter Joey Sommerville releases new solo project ‘Overnight Sensation,' features Earl Klugh, Jeff Lorber, and Jeff Bradshaw
joeysummerville.jpgJazz trumpeter Joey Sommerville released his fifth album titled "Overnight Sensation." "Overnight Sensation" (Jayvox) features help from Earl Klugh (legendary Jazz guitarist), Jeff Lorber (Grammy Award nominated keyboardist), Jeff Bradshaw (trombone), Elan Trotman (saxophonist) and Eric Essix (guitarist).

"I wanted to do a tongue and check project," said Sommerville about his new project "Overnight Sensation." "I wrote and recorded (some songs) years ago...20 years old. In 20 years there's been growth. I've learn more musically and experienced more...I drew on that for inspiration. Good music doesn't spoil."

Joey debuted in 2007 with "Like You Meant It" which reached #7 on the Smooth Jazz Top 50 Chart. He later garnered the American Society of Young Musician's All That Jazz Award in 2009.

"Over the course of my career I can say I am closest to where I want to be," said the musician that is also known for his Soul flavor style Jazz.
On the long list of legendary Jazz musicians featured on the new project Joey said, "These are guys I talk on the cell. I get to listen to them and they've consulted me over the years. I am humbled and honored these guys thought so much of what I do."

You can find out more on the "Overnight Sensation" album release by logging onto  

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