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The Pulse of Entertainment - October 17, 2014

Billboard Music winner KEM releases new album, ‘Promise to Love,' on Motown Records

KEM_smile.jpg"It was diffidently time for a new album in this day and age to wait four years is unheard of," said Billboard Music Award winner KEM about the release of his fourth studio album "Promise to Love" on Motown Records. "(The album is about) love, faith and relationships...the most dearly, most important things in our lives."

The two-time Grammy Award nominated singer/songwriter released the "It's You" single that reached #3 on UAC radio. The highly anticipated album features Snoop Dogg on "Downtown" and Ronald Isley on "My Favorite Thing."

"There is, on top of love, a mixture of R&B, more traditional...and a little bit of grease in it, " KEM pointed out. "There are a lot more up-tempo (songs) than previous albums. I have Snoop on this album...that's a real treat."

His first major record label deal was with Universal Motown, which re-released his debut album, "Kemistry" (he previously released on his own label Kemistry Records). KEM's third album at Motown, "Intimacy" was released in 2010 and debuted at #2 on Billboard's Top 20 Albums. Including the previous albums, "Kemistry" and "KEM Album II", KEM has garnered two Grammy Award nominations, a Soul Train and BET Centric Award nomination, and a Billboard Music Award win.

"My goal is create music that my fans want to hear," KEM concluded, "...and gain more fans."

You can visit for more information about KEM's upcoming appearances, and his "Promise to Love" album.

Columbia Pictures' Fury is the definition of bravery, in theatres October 17, 2014
fury2.jpgThe David Ayer directed Columbia Pictures' presentation of Fury is the definition of bravery. The Brad Pitt (12 Years a Slave) produced action/drama follows five men put together by chance at a time when the world was at war. Fury hits theaters October 17, 2014.

Fury, their tank's name, one of the last tanks left in the war against Hitler, and its crossing Germany checking village after village, house after house for the final stages of the war. It's the final stages of the war and we seem to be winning it even though we have out-dated equipment and low on supplies.

Five tank members, lead by Wardaddy (Academy Award winner Brad Pit), find themselves at an important position charged with stopping the final attacked by the Nazi trying to gain back control of Germany. Though the Nazi equipment was more modern than the tank the American team had, and the ratio - 200 German soldiers against 5 in one tank - meant they all would probably die - they decided to stand.

Emmy Award winner Shia LaBeouf (Transformer: Dark of the Moon), Logan Lerman, Michael Pena (End of Watch, Turbo) and Jon Bernthal (Snitch) completed the tank team. Fury also stars Scott Eastwood and Jason Isaac. Producing with Pitt are Bill Block, Ayers, Ethan Smith, and John Lesher. The Rated R film is executively produced by Brad, Sasha Shapiro, Anton Lessine, Alex Ott, and Ben Waisbren. Fury is presented in association with QED International and LStar Capital. It is a QED International/Le Grisbi Productions/ Crave Films production by David Ayer.

VickiMack_FirstLadiesHighTea2014.jpgThe 17th annual First Ladies High Tea highlights extraordinary ladies of the church
BET's Dr. Bobby Jones of the "Bobby Jones Gospel" show co-hosted the 17th annual First Ladies High Tea at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Dr. Jones a Grammy Award winner brought his larger than life personality to shine the light on extraordinary first ladies of the church - women whose husbands lead the church.

The First Ladies High Tea event honors a long list of first ladies of the church, along with a fashion show and performances. I covered the red carpet arrivals and had a chance to talk briefly with Dr. Bobby Jones, and Vicki Mack Lataillade who received a special honor, the "Focus Award." Vicki co-founded GospelCentric, a record label, which is currently owned by Sony Music, and is now one of the largest Gospel labels in the world. GospelCentric is where Kirk Franklin, J. Moss, and Dorinda Clark Cole are signed. She is now owner of Central South Distribution, the largest black owned Gospel record distributer in the world, grossing over 300 million a year.

"I started the label that Kirk Franklin is on...I partnered with Jimmy Levine," said music executive Vicki Mack about her jaw-dropping career. "They call me the Berry Gordy of Gospel. I own a distribution company now." When I asked her what challenges of being a woman in the music business she said, "Everything is a challenge, especially being a woman in business."

I also had a chance to talk to April Weeden-White who is married to Bishop John White (Dominion Hilltop Ministry) who resides over eight churches across the country. April is also a stuntwoman who has doubled for Halle' Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Regina King.

"I enjoy being a first lady," said April Weeden-White about her position in her husbands' churches. "Being a first lady you have to be handy at all times and you have to be a people person...and I am a people person...because people will be pulling on you."

Dr. Beverly Crawford, pastor of Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church, co-hosted the event with Dr. Jones. Tony and Emmy Award winning Cicely Tyson received the "Legacy Award." Grammy Award winner Smokie Norful and Grammy nominated Tata Vega performed.

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