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The Pulse of Entertainment - October 3, 2014

After 20 years Tony winning, four-time Grammy and Emmy nominated Melba Moore to release ‘Forever Moore'

"It's just been so long," said Melba Moore, a Tony winning, four-time Grammy and Emmy Award nominated singer best known for her hit songs "Lean On Me" and "Life Every Voice and Sing." "We had been looking for a song writer and found one in Dominic McFadden. I've worked with McFadden and Whitehead ("You Stepped Into My Life" hit #3 on the charts) but did not know they had someone else (in the family) with talent. I give credit to my manager (Ron Richardson) who was out there looking and found Dominic. I have quit a few songwriters but he is really good."

Melba Moore's upcoming, much anticipated, new album is titled "Forever Moore," same name as a cabaret act she starred in (2011). Through the years she has starred in a one-woman show called "Sweet Songs of the Soul," now called "Still Standing: The Melba Moore Story." The first single off the album was "Love Is," and the current single she is promoting is "Just Dance."

The single "Just Dance" has a catchy beat and Melba's vocals keep up with the tempo expertly.

"It's a fresh start," the Broadway legend said about her new music when I mentioned her voice seems ageless. "Some people...time goes by and the voice doesn't hold up...the body makes changes."

Moore said music has to be universal because it's all about tourist now days.

"People come from different countries," she said when I asked her what she thinks of the music today as compared to 20 years ago. "African-Americans still are the foundation of all music."

Melba said it's all about the beat, "The beat is contagious...with the beat you become hooked. The beat will catch you. The industry makes you listen when you are young...then as a teen you are use to ‘graveyard' music (dark lyrics). Music is so powerful and influential to people."

During Melba Moore's career her music was influential she broke many stereotypes and barriers. She was the first black Broadway singer in "Hair." She won a Tony Award for her role in Broadway's "Purlie" in 1970. She sang "Purlie" and "I Got Love" which shot her to stardom, and landed her a record deal with Mercury Records. At Mercury she earned a Grammy Award nomination. She went on to star in her own television show with Clifton Davis.

Moore went into acting starring as Harriet Tubman, which garnered her an Emmy Award nomination. She went on as a singer to earn three more Grammy Award nominations, one for her hit "Lean on Me."

"I try to present a positive attitude," she said when asked about her longevity in the entertainment industry. "I'm open to criticism. People have a right to express themselves. You see people jump on the bandwagon to be like someone else. We can feel each other....but be who you are."

You can log onto for more information about her upcoming new album "Forever Moore."

ABC's ‘Forever' stars Ioan Gruffudd and Alana De La Garza, airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT
forever.jpg"He's been around for 250 years," said Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four/Horrible Bosses) who stars in the ABC crime/drama/fantasy series "Forever" as Dr. Henry Morgan. It also stars Alana De La Garza ("Law & Order", "CSI: Miami') as Detective Jo Martinez, and Oscar nominated Judd Hirsch (Ordinary People/"Taxi") as Abe. "Forever" premiered on September 22, 2014 and airs on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

The fantasy/crime/drama focuses on New York medical examiner, Dr. Morgan, who cannot die. He studies criminal cases to try and solve the mystery as to his immortality. When he dies he disappears immediately and reappears in the nearby body of water without clothes. He also does not age. Detective Jo Martinez (De La Garza) is impressed and mystified by his remarkable observations and broad knowledge. Only Abe (Hirsch), who Morgan and his former wife found as a newborn in a German concentration camp, knows that he is immortal. He is stalked by a murderer named Adam who knows his secret and claims to have been alive for 2,000 years.

"I was putting my 5 year old to bed and he asked, ‘Dad are you ever gonna die?' I said of course not. Then I said ok I will die, but not for a long time," Matt Miller, executive producer of the ABC series, said when I asked where the concept came from. "He started crying and my wife put me out the room. I was writing and I said (to myself) what if a character couldn't die, but what if my son could. That's where the idea came from."

Jennifer Gwartz and Dan Lin are also executive producers, and "Forever" also stars Lorraine Toussaint, Donnie Keshawarz, and Joel David Moore.

Jay Jackson host a Lou Rawls Tribute October 4, 2014 in Beverly Hills at House of Music & Entertainment
jayjackson2.jpgKnown for his character on NBC's long running sitcom "Parks & Recreation" as Perf Hapley, Jay Jackson goes back to his musical skills as a Jazz vocalist to perform with his band for a Lou Rawls Tribute to be held Saturday October 4, 2014 at House of Music & Entertainment (H.O.M.E.) in Beverly Hills.
"I am a singer and musician first," points out actor Jay Jackson ("Scandal," "The Mentalist") about his career in entertainment which started as a news reporter for 13 years at KCAL in Los Angeles. Now he plays a news anchor on television. "I am a piano player and drummer. It wasn't a profession. Because you have to pay the bills...I went into those other fields. Now I can get close to what I am."

"I was a reporter at CBS News in Los Angeles," Jackson said about how his career as an actor started. "I was auditioning and my first role was on "Dexter". I got the acting bug and landed the role on ‘Parks & Recreation,' its 23 episodes later."

Jay's heart has always been in his music as a Jazz singer. When asked why a tribute to Lou Rawls who is known as an R&B singer, Jackson said, "Generations don't remember Lou Rawls. Lou Rawls is one of the greatest and I'm a Jazz singer not an R&B and Pop singer. I heard Lou Rawls and it opened my eyes. I also do his Jazz songs. He sang Jazz, than from 1970 on he went R&B."

Jay Jackson said him and his band also sing other legendary artists music such as Barry White. His acting credits also include roles in Fast Five (2011), Battleship (2012), "Revenge" and "The Closer."

You can log onto for more information about the actor's upcoming Jazz concert.

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