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The Pulse of Entertainment - September 5, 2014

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falconRising_MichaelJaiWhite.jpgAction thriller Falcon Rising, starring Michael Jai White, arrives in theaters September 5, 2014

"My knowledge of martial arts helped," said Michael Jai White, a martial arts expert, actor, producer and director. White has the lead role in the action-thriller Falcon Rising which arrives in theaters September 5, 2014. "I've been doing fight stuff for a while now. The transition to stage is common place to me now."

Michael (Spawn, Universal Soldier) plays John "Falcon" Chapman, an ex-marine on a self-destructive path to seek revenge on those that brutally beat his sister Cindy, played by Super Middleweight Champion Laila Ali.

"I couldn't really relate to my character personally but I was able to put my mind where I needed it to be," said Laila about her role. "It was an easy transition...really fun to do."

Neal McDonough (Minority Report) also stars in the Ernie Barbarash directed film that arrives on Video On Demand (VOD) September 4th. The film is set in Brazil where Falcon travels to hunt down his sister's attackers. He finds that his hunt has taken him into an underground world ruled by the Japanese mafia.

Produced by Etchie Stroh and Shahar Stroh, and written by Y. T. Parazi Falcon Rising is filled with incredible fight scenes that will solidify Michael Jai White as the newest American action hero on screen.

"It's about control," White said about the fight scenes. "When you are doing martial arts you are practicing not hitting people. That's the different between martial arts and fighting."

Falcon Rising is a Rated-R Strohberry Film distributed by Freestyle Releasing and Freestyle Digital Media. Millie Ruperto (Presumed Dead in Paradise), Lateef Crowder (The Hunger Games), Hazuki Kato (Muppets Most Wanted), Masashi Odate (The Last Samurai), Daniel Cardona, and Jazmin Caratini (Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie) also appeared in the film.

To watch the action-thriller's movie trailer you can log onto

Grammy nominated Anita Wilson's ‘Vintage Worship' is vocal perfection
anitawilson3.jpgA pastor's daughter Anita Wilson was use to singing Gospel, but it was when she moved to Chicago and started singing in her brother's church - who is also a pastor - that her talents reached the ears of multi-Stellar Award winner Donald Lawrence. That experience, and a word from God, motivated her to independently release an album, and it was her sophomore release "Vintage Worship" (Motown Gospel) that resulted in a debut album release at #2 on Billboard's Top Gospel Albums Chart. Wilson's gift of vocal perfection is also the reason for her Gammy Award nomination.

"My family is very proud," she said when asked about how her family feels about her outstanding successes in the Gospel industry. "My entire family is musically inclined. We do family concerts, my brother, mother, sister...we have the latest on vinyl for the old school."

Featured vocalists on "Vintage Worship" are Avery Sunshine, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Tommy Sims, and Anayshia Figerora-Cooper.

"It takes 10 years to become an overnight success," Anita pointed out when asked to give advice to up-and-coming artists. "Put your best foot between time stay professional and mature."

My favorite selections on the "Vintage Worship" album includes "The Real Me," a sweet love song; "Happy Being Me," an up-tempo song arranged by Donald Lawrence and co-written by Angie Stone, which has an awesome horn support; "Oh How I Love Jesus," featuring Avery Sunshine and Bishop Yvette Flunder, is a great Praise & Worship song with lovely violin support and a bridge that takes it down from thunder, and "Reasons (Don't Take Your Love Away)," featuring Tommy Sims, is a another sweet love song with a nice blend between the two voices, and great lead guitar support.

Visit Anita Wilson on her website at  

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