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The Pulse of Entertainment: Grammy Winning Florence LaRue Says Live Your Life in ‘Grace in Your Second Act' NonFiction Book


(December 5, 2023) - "I've been writing the book for five years," said six-time Grammy winning Florence LaRue (The 5th Dimension) about the release of her first nonfiction book "Grace in Your Second Act: A Guide to Aging Gracefully" (WestBow Press) which provides her insight into aging gracefully, beauty and fitness tips, diet, attitude and more. "I never thought I'd write a book. People kept saying to me what do you do (to stay so vibrant at 81 years-old). I just encourage live your life."What a life Florence has led. At the age of 19 she joined a band called The 5th Dimension, with Billy Davis, Jr., Marilyn McCoo, Lamonte McLemore and Ronald Townson. She was Miss Bronze California when McCoo and McLemore found her. The 5th Dimension hit song "Up, Up and Away" garnered them five Grammy Awards. Their "Stoned Soul Picnic" single reached Gold status. The bands' hits carried them all over the world, constantly performing on stage and on television. The 5th Dimension earned 14 Gold records and three Platinum albums and sold over 35 million albums.

In 2001 after original members Townson died, McLemore retired, and Billy Davis, Jr. and Marilyn McCoo off were performing as a duo, Florence LaRue stepped up as the only remaining member to continued touring as The 5th Dimension. At the age of 81, LaRue is still touring with four other singers that take Townson, McCoo, McLemore, and Townson's place. In "Grace in Your Second Act..." she shares the experiences and lessons learned in the 58 years of performing and touring all over the world.

"Yes, I still tour with four other singers. I was in Baltimore at the University of Maryland speaking on my book," Florence added when I mentioned Baltimore is my hometown. "In the book I use some of my life experiences and knowledge learned."

LaRue said she is in transition in careers because she is not sure if by 90 years-old she will be able to continue to tour. She admitted to walking with a cane, but not because she needs it, at her age its for "just in case."

"My next book...will be on preparing for your second life," she pointed out as we talked about changing careers late in life, as I am doing. "Young people prepare financially, but don't prepare mentally and spiritually."

The "Grace in Your Second Act..." book is written along with Jenny Paschall and West Bow Press is a division of Thomas Nelson & Zondervan. Her experiences also include performing in a one-woman show "Just as I Am" and in the Canadian play "Mo Magic," and the cabaret show "Musique A LaRue," The great-grandmother of six sincerely wants all her readers to embrace life and age gracefully.

The Pulse of Entertainment: Dexter Tucker's Wide Open: The Andre Rison Story, a Blockbuster of Actors


(November 28, 2023) - "I got with Dre and interviewed him," said Dexter Tucker, executive producer of Wide Open: The Andre Rison Story, recently released and now available on Tubi TV, Apple TV and Prime TV. "Finally got the budget. I had made several films during that time. Three of us got it done. We have major distribution and we're in talks for international distribution."Dexter Tucker is not only an executive producer for film projects, but a comedian just like his brother Chris Tucker (Rush Hour).

"Yes, we had a happy family. Six siblings, four boys and two girls - Chris is younger," Dexter told me when I asked about growing up with the comedian/actor. "After Chris did it (Rush Hour success) I wanted to open at comedy shows - I was in the trucking business."

Tucker said he was in a comedy club with Lester Bibbs one night and Bibbs encouraged him to give the stage a try. Since then, Dexter has been gracing the stages of comedy clubs for over 20 years.

"When I started doing comedy...I always wanted to be a filmmaker. I felt I was forced to watch certain films," he said during our interview. "I wanted to make movies that I want to see, it's not enough of those."

Wide Open: The Andre Rison Story is one of those movies Tucker was motivated to make. The story of 5-time Pro Bowler Andre Rison, a Super Bowl XXXI Champion. The film is directed by Jerry D. May and written by Rison, May, Tucker, Derrick Handspike, and Lucious Robinson. The project has a very impressive list of today's up-and-coming blockbuster actors that include Jermel Howard as Andre Rison; Kim Lovette as Andre's mother; Towanda Braxton as a principal; Brely Evans as a psychologist; Porsha Hall as a model; Trina Braxton as a show host; Tamika Scott as a Nike executive; Ashanti Harris as Chilli (TLC); Tetisheri Moniz as T Boz; Mahogany Raspberry as Wanda Lopez; Paris Bennett as a radio personality; even Dexter himself as Mr. Otis; Stan B. Lackey as Ronald Lopes; Roy Coulter as a head coach; Ferquan Peacock as Tupac; Mickey "MempHiTz" Wright, Jr., and Marshall Hood as LA Reid.

"It's a mixture of football, a love story, has comic relief....a period driven, and the 90s Hip-Hop scene. It's about his friendship with Deion (Sanders), his life story as an NFL player, and the relationship he had with Left Eye (Lisa Lopes) of TLC," Tucker added. "It's his side of the whole story."

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