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The Pulse of Entertainment: Country/Rock's Whitney Miller Gets Emotional on ‘Nobody' Single


(May 26, 2023) - "It hit me so deep with the scares," Country singer/songwriter Whitney Miller told me about the lyrics to her new single "Nobody." "This single I didn't write myself...I didn't know if I could even cut this song...but I felt this song was for me."

Whitney heard the song at the Listening Room in Nashville and connected with the lyrics. She has outstanding vocals, performances, and is a talented songwriter that it's hard to believe she just started releasing music in 2022. Her sound is trademark Nashville and I love hearing her sing. The new single "Nobody" is about heartbreak and not only does Miller vocally delivers, but she has the lead guitar going crazy with emotions too.

When I mentioned the music to the single being so awesome, she talked about how she changed the original track to the song.

"I've been working on my vocals recently," she said when I mentioned how her vocals have reached another level. "(Vocal training) Is dropping me into the emotion, I'm becoming that character."

"I brought up old pictures of my Ex...starred at them," she laughed a little as we talked about her recording process for the emotional song.

In talking about her own pain from past relationships Whitney said, "It took me a very long time. I'm happy now, I'm at that place (where she can joke about it)."

Not new to entertainment, the Texas native is a former Miss USA (2012), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and kickboxing commentator! Her focus now, Nashville and the Country/Rock music industries.

"We're working on the music video for this one. I want it to be a bit...raw," she told me when I commented that the last single that I interviewed her for had a very nice music video. "It's shot in black and white...tears were shared."

The media is excited about her, her media coverage is impressive. Now it's time for the world to get excited about her too with her debut coming soon. Miller said to expect a fun Country/Rock project with real life stories.

The Pulse of Entertainment: Mississippi Mass Choir Releases ‘The Promise,' Introducing Stan Jones, off the Malaco Records' Imprint


(May 23, 2023) - "I grew up on this choir," said Stan Jones who is the lead singer on the Grammy winning Mississippi Mass Choir's new single "The Promise" (Malaco Records). "I am blessed to be a part of this legacy."

Stan Jones is a writer/producer that has a bigger than life persona and vocals to go with it. The Mississippi Mass Choir has not released new music for ten years. I asked the choir's executive director Jerry Mannery if the new music is because of the outstanding vocals of Stan.

"You said it outstanding," Jerry told me. "His name is outSTANding! Stan is a Mississippi boy. It's great coming together. We recognized it. Stan just happened to come at the right time."

I commented on the music video for "The Promise" being inspiring, Stan's performing chilling and the colors the Mississippi Mass Choir wore being bold and beautiful. I mention the many many members the choir had in the video and asked how many voices the Mississippi Mass Choir consist of.

"140 voices," Mannery said. "They come from all over Mississippi. Some drive four hours one way. We are constantly replenishing every year. We had 64 pass vocals, but we have a process called Upper Room, to see where they are Spiritually. They could have vocals and be devils! The 64 passed the process though...210 members, most were young. Before, the ages were 45 - 50, we're down to 35 years-old now."

The Mississippi Mass Choir was launched in 1988 by Malaco Records and Frank Williams of the group The Jackson Southerners. He called in David R. Curry Jr. to be the choir's minister of music. It was a 100-member choir. They debuted with a live album recorded at the Thalia Mara Hall with accompanying music video. Their debut album was certified #1 by Billboard some weeks later. It stayed on Billboard's Chart for 45 consecutive weeks. Williams passed away five years later, and his assistant Jerry Mannery became director of the choir.

"I didn't realize it then, but Frank was preparing me for 3 - 4 years," Jerry told me. "He had me doing all the paperwork. I was business manager day one with the choir. Frank's shoes should have been bronzed. The Lord has blessed me."

Frank lived to see the Mississippi Mass Choir release three highly successful albums, and under Mannery's guidance they went on to release eight more albums. The choir garnered a Stellar Hall of Fame honor; a Grammy nomination, as well as a win; two Stellar Award nominations; a Dove Award nomination and a win for Album of the Year, and five Stellar Award wins. The new single "The Promise" debuted at #30 on Billboard and Media Base Gospel Radio Charts. Billboard Magazine named them Gospel Artist of the Year, awarded them with a Special Achievement Award, and Gospel Record of the Year.

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